Analyzing social media in China to develop your strategy

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With the electronic music industry well and truly booming in China, it is now more important than ever to tap into the market. Due to the differences in use of social media networks when compared with the rest of the world, it can be difficult to reach out to the Chinese audience. People in China use their own versions of the mainstream social media platforms due to government restrictions, which means that artists must establish themselves on these platforms in order to tap into the Chinese market effectively. Without knowing China well, it can be difficult to grasp which social media platforms are the most beneficial to use, and how to use them to your advantage.

RADII China has conducted research to ascertain which social platforms are the most popular in the country and exactly how many posts are made during a one minute period. They looked at 14 of the country’s most popular platforms and compared usage for each. Looking at data like this is extremely helpful for artists, as it illustrates which platforms are the most beneficial to join. By establishing which platforms are the most beneficial, you will be better able to plan your future campaigns which are targeted towards the market.

Weibo is China’s equivalent to Facebook, during a one minute period 32,000 posts were made by people all over the country. While this will undoubtedly not match the usage of Facebook, it is still a huge volume of user activity for a single country. Next, TikTok was analysed, an app that was formerly known as in China and is used to share videos. The usage of this platform during the one minute is much more substantial, with a staggering 8.3 million videos watched simply over 60 seconds. With so much usage, TikTok should undoubtedly be at the forefront of all artists social media campaigns.

Huya is a highly popular game streaming platform in China, which could be compared to Twitch. During the minute when activity was measured, 3,305 users were online using the platform to either watch or stream video. Though this platform may not be useful for artists to tap into, looking at all of the platforms on offer is a great way to get a better grasp on understanding the audience. China’s version of Tinder, TanTan, is also extremely popular. Over 60 seconds, 1,600 matches were made between users.

Undoubtedly China’s most famous platform, WeChat encompasses a huge volume of capabilities within its app. Over the one minute period, users on the app sent over 4.2 million voice messages. This figure in itself is truly mind-blowing, making it difficult to comprehend the sheer volume of users spending time on the app. Due to the substantial number of users, WeChat is, without doubt, the most beneficial of the Chinese social media apps for artists to establish a solid presence. Without being a regular WeChat user, artists will struggle to really establish themselves in China.

Photo editing app Meitu is also highly popular in China. During one minute, 138,000 photos were processed. China’s electronic payment system Alipay also came in with a high figure, having processed ¥187m in transactions over the 60 seconds. Pinduoduo which enables people to buy something as a group experienced 8,181 orders and Zhihu, China’s Quora topped 416,000 page views.

Meituan is an app that encompasses lots of options from food delivery to ticket purchases. In fact, 368 meals were delivered in the space of one minute using the app. When performing shows in China, you may want to sell tickets through the Meituan app in order to reach a larger audience. DIDI is China’s answer to Uber, in the space of one minute no less than 17,000 rides were called using the app. Through streaming service Tencent Video, 85,000 users were online watching videos during the one minute. NetEase is a widely used music streaming platform, during one minute over 3,472 playlists were shared by users. Lastly, Taobao a shopping platform played host to 883,000 shoppers during 60 seconds.

While many of these platforms are of no use to artists, many of them offer an abundance of opportunities to break into the Chinese market. Weibo offers artists the chance to replicate their Facebook strategy, posting status updates to share new campaigns with the Chinese audience. TikTok, like, enables artists to spread the word about their music through short singing videos. Naturally, WeChat is the most beneficial, due to the sheer volume of users. The opportunities on the platform are endless, with so many different tactics available to build an audience.

Tencent Video is a great option for uploading video content and sharing it with your Chinese audience. NetEase, like Spotify or Apple Music, is ideal for expanding your brand and gaining increased revenue through music streams. Even though you may already be dominating the leading streaming platforms, making yourself present on more niche platforms like NetEase can only benefit your income.

Though the social media platforms in China do share similarities with the ones that dominate the rest of the world, the strategy used should differ. Something that works on Facebook may not work the same way on Weibo, it is important to adapt your strategy through trial and error in order to make the most of your potential reach. The only way to really be sure what works best on Chinese platforms is to try multiple tactics and gradually shift your strategy. Without trial and error, you will not truly be able to grow as an artist in China.