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3 most important campaign aspects to spend your marketing budget on

As an artist, your yearly marketing campaign will have a huge influence on the level of success you are able to achieve. With a marketing campaign, a budget also needs to be allocated to ensure that each segment of the campaign flows smoothly as the year progresses. Without a budget plan, individuals and organizations have the capability to accidentally deplete their entire budget within the first few months of the year. Your marketing budget will completely depend on where you are at in your career and the resources you have available. Even if your budget is relatively small, it is still vitally important to allocate this budget efficiently to distribute it across the year’s campaigns. But which aspects of your marketing campaign should you dedicate the most budget to? The world of marketing is undergoing a monumental shift, with online campaigns becoming more valuable than ever before. As an electronic music artist, you will find that the majority of your campaigns will be suited to the online environment, and more traditional methods won’t suit your image. The positive of using online methods is that the ability to measure the response is much easier, and you can shift your campaigning as a result. Unlike traditional television adverts that could never really measure the true result of their campaigns, online advertising usually […]

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