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Coming up with new ideas for content can be difficult as an artist. Sometimes you become stuck in a rut, limiting your creativity for new ideas. Although your using the same kind of content over and over may work at first, over time it will become less effective as people grow bored with it. Sometimes, in order to be inspired, you simply need to take a look at some potential new ideas and think about how you can fit these to your own brand. In this article, we’ll discuss some ideas for content that will help you revitalise your strategy.

Video content

Videos have been proven to be one of the single best types of content for driving engagement on social media. Many artists are often left wondering exactly what type of video content they could be creating in order to appeal to a global audience. First and foremost, videos from live shows have proven to be incredibly popular, particularly if the moment captured is visually appealing. If the crowd is taking part in a sit-down, the video may even have the capability to go viral.

You could also share videos of you in the studio talking about a new track that you’re working on which is due to be released soon. As well as entertaining viewers, sharing studio footage is a great way to add legitimacy to your brand. The dance music industry is filled with artists who use ghost producers, and many fans will be happy to see footage proving that their favourite artist produces their own music solo. This is also a great opportunity to show how talented you are at producing. If you really want to create engaging content, offer a few tis for other producers out there.

You may also want to share short preview clips. These are a great way to build excitement for an upcoming track, music video or campaign. It is common practice for artists to share a short animated preview ahead of a track release, but be careful not to overdo this and come across as a spammer. It is often the more informal videos that encourage more engagement than official previews. For example, if you’re nominated for an award, share a heartfelt short video of you telling fans how grateful you are for their support.


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Photographic content

Photos are also great for encouraging engagement on social media, capturing the attention of those scrolling through their timeline. But often, the only images artists tend to share are promotional and lacking real emotion. Instead of just sharing your album artwork, share it but explain to your fans your reasoning behind choosing that cover. Talk about how the cover blends with the track, make the artwork important in its own right.

You could also share a photo from a previous performance, a lot of artists choose to do this for every show they perform. Make sure that the image is of a high enough quality and share it on social media to give fans an insight into what they missed. To make your image even more engaging, you may even want to upload a comical selfie in front of the crowd instead.


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Support other artists

A great way to keep your timeline active while supporting others is sharing one of your fellow artists’ post. Giving kudos to another artist publicly is underrated, and who knows, they may even return the favour. A great example of this could be quote retweeting an artist’s post about their new track and captioning it with your own positive thoughts on their new release.

You could also give insight into who inspired you as a producer. You may want to post about ten tracks that have inspired you or share your respect for a specific artist. Either way, this is a great way to show your fans that you’re human too and that your career stemmed from being inspired. One day, it might be one of your fans who posts about you as the producer who inspired them.


You should also make sure to focus a selection of your content on creating discussion with your following. Naturally, avoid any controversial subjects that could negatively impact your image like questions about politics. Keep it light-hearted and friendly for the very best results. Some examples include asking fans to select which cover artwork you use for your next single or selecting which of your previous tracks was your favourite.

For consistently better results, you should encourage discussion on almost all of your posts. For example, if you share a picture of you swimming in the ocean, you could ask your followers to name their favourite beach. Every post you make can be adapted to include your fans. By encouraging fans to comment answers to a question, the engagement your post will receive will be a much bigger volume.

Varying your content is incredibly important as it ensures that your audience will remain interested in your posts. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of repeating yourself often, something that your audience will notice. If you become known as someone who regularly reuses content, your audience won’t feel the same urgency to check out your latest post. You need to keep your audience on the edge of their seats so that they don’t know what to expect, this way they’ll always be excited to see what you’ve been up to.