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Where do you draw the line between plagiarism & creativity?

The debate between plagiarism and creativity is one that has gone on for decades within the music industry. With notable cases such as Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’, as well as many others, it is something that is often talked about & surrounded in controversy. Is it acceptable to copy someone else’s composition? Or is that simply taking inspiration for your own creative work? This is a discussion that is talked about within the music industry but is never fully resolved. And so that is what we’re going to talk about in this article. Production is a technicality that is learned from other people (in the vast majority of cases). In a similar fashion to sports, we look for & research new techniques, understand them and then go onto the field to practice until we are able to perfect the new skill.  For example, you could watch some sound design tutorials online, and then go into your DAW and try to replicate the skill until you’re absolutely incredible at sound design. Essentially, constant learning & adapting is crucial to success as a music producer. If copying ideas is considered to be a normal practice, then surely the same logic would apply to music production and borrowing creative ideas from other producers to enhance your work? Obviously not. The lines between plagiarism […]

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