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Do you need a big budget in order to succeed?

One of the most common topics up for discussion in the music industry is whether having a lot of money can aid you in advancing your career more quickly. Every artist has a different path to success, whether aided by money, talent, or contacts. Money can often be a big factor in whether an artist succeeds quickly. Many underestimate the costs involved when starting your career as a producer, but is money really essential in becoming a successful artist? There are many artists out there who started from nothing but are now dominating their own genre. Many of these artists found success a long time ago, meaning that it may not be so easy for an artist with a smaller budget to become successful in this day and age. With the industry as saturated as it is, having a bigger budget can greatly aid your success. But just how much difference can the size of your budget make? Every artist will require funds to start off their career as a producer. Software, plugins, samples, all of these cost money. Simply put, you cannot simply create music without investing any money at all. Naturally, artists with more money to spend will have the freedom to purchase more plugins, giving them more creative freedom to experiment further than those on a limited […]

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