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Messenger bots are one of the most useful technological advances in recent years for marketing. With the ability to advertise your releases and connect with your fans, bots provide the ability to advertise your content in a much more organic fashion. Bots can perform a number of activities, from gathering email addresses to responding to fan questions, from sending a new track promo to alerting fans about a cancelled show. All of these capabilities offer nothing but positive results for your persona as an artist. In this day and age, artists simply do not have the time to interact with every fan on a personal basis, which makes bots even more appealing.

Another way that bots can benefit artists is their ability to drive website clicks. Bots can actively send out links to website content that will arrive directly in fans’ messenger inboxes. Unlike email, messenger forms a much more integral aspect of peoples lives, particularly the younger generation. Whereas email inboxes are often rammed with promotional content, messenger is usually where people go to see messages from friends and family. For this reason, fans are much more likely to open a message through the messenger app than an email. Ultimately, emails are associated with work while messenger is associated with enjoyment. But what are the methods for driving website traffic through messenger bots?

Platforms like ManyChat and Chatfuel make it incredibly easy for artists to set up a chatbot and quickly see results. It is so effortless that it does not require a great deal of preparation to set one up. For this reason, it is vital that every artist sets up their own chat bot in order to engage with their audience much more effectively. Over recent years, many have been left frustrated by the reach of an organic Facebook post. Artists and brands have been finding that without monetary investment, Facebook posts just cannot reach their entire fanbase anymore. This makes messenger bots even more important. When using a messenger bot, every single person who has agreed to receive messages will receive them. There are no benefits for those spending increased budget, levelling the playing field for artists. This makes messenger bots a much more cost-effective method for connecting with fans.

When you drive traffic from messenger to your website, it is important to have a reason for doing so. You shouldn’t simply say ‘check out my website’. This will result in a poor number of click-throughs. You may choose to publish an article on your website and share this through your messenger bots. This is a great method for encouraging click-throughs as it provides fans with a reason to click the link to your website. Be careful not to overload users with content and provide a break in between each link sent. Put simply, the more persuasive you are, the more people will click on your links.

Another helpful capability that bots offer is that you can ask your audience whether they enjoyed the article, and collect the resulting answers. This is a quick method for getting feedback from people and requires little devotion of time from your audience. This is ideal for finding out whether your strategies are really effective or if you need to go back to the drawing board. Being able to get feedback on your content is rare, so take every opportunity you can to find out whether your fans enjoy your campaigns.

Always remember that your fans are human, avoid sending messages at inconvenient times. Fans will find it odd if you send out your latest single at 3 AM, so be mindful of different time zones. Try to always keep your tone conversational to provide a more enjoyable interaction. As soon as your tone feels more promotional, your audience will be far less likely to engage. Balancing promotion with conversation is one of the biggest aspects of succeeding on the platform. In order to really connect with your audience make sure that the tone of your promotional messages is very conversational and enjoyable for your readers.

The technology behind messenger bots is continuously improving. You can ask your audience to select the subjects they are interested in, thus only directing content their way that they are actually likely to enjoy. In the future, ManyChat will be expanding to Whatsapp, enabling artists to contact those who do not use messenger too. The advances in technology mean that artists will be able to build even more meaningful relationships with an even higher volume of fans around the globe. With the expansion to Whatsapp, it will only get easier for artists to connect with their fans.

Ultimately, using a messenger bot is now an essential part of artists’ campaigns. They are a great tool for expanding your reach and increasing interest around your content, plus they build on the connection between artist and fan. Even if you do not have the time to interact with your fans, messenger bots enable you to build a more human connection with your audience. Plus, fans may send you a question such as ‘when will you play in New York’, and your bot will pick up on keywords. This will enable your fan to receive a quick answer to their question and you may even sell tickets as a result. Utilizing messenger bot technology can only result positively for your brand. Don’t hesitate, set up your own bot and start connecting with your fans.


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