Expand your horizons with NoiseTrade

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As a growing entertainer, it’s important to make sure that you are expanding your database to keep a better record of your audience. To distribute music and to simultaneously expand your database can be a hassle at first, but platforms like NoiseTrade help make the process convenient. With the information given to you by NoiseTrade, you are also able to determine new marketing strategies.

Market with NoiseTrade

With NoiseTrade, you get to build your audience by exchanging your music for their information, which would be simply their email & postal code. One of the founders, Derek Webb had actually tried this method out and found himself with over 80,000 downloads and fans. Derek ended up selling out shows and saw an increased interest from his audience with merchandise, albums, and more. NoiseTrade gives you the ability to post a custom widget on your personal website or blog. Along with the widget, your audience is also given the option to share your content on social media platforms like Twitter. They are also given the option to post your widget on their personal blog. NoiseTrade sends out emails on a weekly basis featuring songs that they think have seen a lot of growth, or have a lot of potential. Saying that, NoiseTrade has a community of over 1.3 million people, a feature has the potential to increase your reach.

Audience feedback

NoiseTrade considers audience and artist relationships very important and is constantly working on features to improve. Along with giving you data on your fans, NoiseTrade allows you to engage with them. Anyone is allowed to leave feedback which can help you familiarize yourself better with your audience. It can also show you what content they are engaging more with, and what you have to improve. In addition to leaving you feedback, they are also given the option to leave you a tip of any amount between $1 to $100. Of course, you’ll hear of your music being shared on social media as your audience is given the option to do that as well. It’s also beneficial that NoiseTrade is completely free for artists and fans, causing more people to engage with the growing community.

NoiseTrade Accessibility

NoiseTrade has many features that have made it so popular over the past three years. For audience convenience, NoiseTrade is accessible on any device, whether it be your laptop or phone. Your audience also has the option of favouriting your work which makes it even more convenient for them to access your content. Of course, you as the artist also benefit from this as you get to stay updated on any device too. When your content does get shared and someone comes across it, NoiseTrade takes accessibility one step further and gives the user account options. NoiseTrade allows people to download without having an account, but people can still sign up to become an active member of the community. Handling all your fan data and working to expand are some goals NoiseTrade has in mind, however, it does come with a small fee. NoiseTrade will take out 20% from your tip jar, leaving you 80%, which for their service is not too unreasonable.

Although NoiseTrade is one of the more recently created platforms, with constant effort to improve relationships between the audience and artist while encouraging growth in noticeable numbers, they have become a beneficial platform for many and can be for you as well. Keep in mind that once you create an account and upload your content, you’re engaging in a community with over a million people. Try it out and expand your database, all while also sharing your content with NoiseTrade.