Getting your music heard by your audience

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Getting your music heard by the masses should be one of your top priorities as an artist. While there is no simple recipe for achieving viral success, there are a number of methods you should be using in order to maximize the attention given to every release. A successful track is never guaranteed, but by following these simple steps, you ensure that each of your tracks has the best chance of achieving widespread dominance.

Focus on the quality

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of getting your music heard is producing music that is unique and of the highest quality. Without standing out from the crowd, getting your track heard by the masses will be even more of an uphill struggle. Half of the battle is ensuring that people will actually enjoy your music, and that your style is memorable, to give you an edge above fellow producers. A track that instantly connects with the listener and stands out as unique has huge potential and viral capability. Set yourself apart from other producers by bringing something new to the table, and you will find promoting your releases generates an even better response.

Conducting thorough research

Another important aspect of getting your releases heard is taking the time to thoroughly research your target audience. You should be aware of exactly who you are marketing your music to, and you should focus on those who have an interest in the genre your music fits into. Find out where fans of that genre usually pick up new music and make sure to utilize this knowledge to your advantage. You should also contact relevant blogs, YouTube accounts and Soundcloud accounts that are likely to be willing to share your track. Contact them once your track is released, but make sure to write a personalized message to each individual to avoid being lost amongst hundreds of identical emails without thought or a personal approach. Taking time to research the person/company you are reaching out to will go a long way, cite a release they have published that is similar to yours, and tell them exactly why you think they will appreciate your track.

Coherent branding

Throughout your career, you should always maintain clear and coherent branding. This branding should be carried through all of your materials and visible on every single one of your outlets, including your social media profiles. Your branding gives outsiders a clear vision of who you are and what you are trying to say. Make sure you know exactly what you would like to put across with your branding, and what you would like to be known for. Having a clear identity is vital as a producer, as it gives your persona a more professional look, and sets you apart from other artists.

Advance planning

Another aspect of ensuring that your releases are heard is being ready, planning in advance to ensure that you have all your materials prepared. The worst thing you can do is release a track then rush to put together marketing materials; this should all be planned long in advance. By looking at campaigns other artists have put together, you will see that each release has a highly thought-out campaign behind it, with a planned schedule. Part of being fully prepared is making sure that all of your social profiles also reflect the release, clearly displaying the artwork and links for visitors to listen to/download the track.

Setting clear goals

Before planning your release campaign, make sure to set clear goals as to what exactly you would like to achieve. Setting targets around the number of downloads or streams you would like to achieve is vital in motivating yourself. Without clear goals, it is easy to fall behind and lack the proper motivation necessary to push your release to viral success.

Preparing press releases

Press releases are a huge aspect of getting your releases heard. Without a press release, your track will seem a lot less important, and influencers will be less likely to pay attention to it. You are also unlikely to be written about on any of the major online blogs without a press release to explain to journalists exactly who you are and what your story is. A press release is a great opportunity to explain to influencers what makes you unique as an artist, and increase their interest in your brand. If you have a PR team, they should produce all of your press releases for you, and can utilise their contacts. If not, it is worth hiring a freelancer to write a press release for you.

Reaching out to influencers

Reaching out to influencers, bloggers and tastemakers is a vital aspect of getting your releases heard. Make sure to contact those who may be interested in sharing your release, as this will hugely improve its reach. Be aware that you may need to pay for coverage at first, but even so, the benefits will be well worth the cost. To ensure that you aren’t wasting your money, have a look at the blog’s recent engagement levels, and make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Some blogs may also post their coverage of your track to their social media, make sure to be clear whether or not this is included before committing.

Utilising Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a vital tool when promoting a new release, as it is one of the best places to showcase music, especially tracks that may not have been picked up by a label yet. Every time an account reposts your track, their followers will be notified, creating great exposure for your music. If you offer your followers the option to download your track, you can also force them to follow you, like your Facebook page and give you their email address for marketing purposes.

Email campaigns

Targeting your promotion is key, and using the email address you have collected, you should be sending out emails to notify people when you release a new track. Having fans’ email addresses is highly valuable as it means that you can reach out to them regularly, and increase streams on your new releases. Getting hold of contact addresses is half the battle, and then it’s up to you to turn them into supporters.

Building meaningful relationships

Networking is another major aspect of getting your releases heard. It is highly valuable to build meaningful relationships with industry professionals, they may be able to provide you with constructive feedback, or even offer opportunities. Attending conferences like the International Music Summit in Ibiza or Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) can give you the chance to meet influential figures in the electronic music industry, and giving them a good first impression is vital. Meeting people in person allows them to put a face to your name, and will make you more memorable in their minds. Be careful not to oversell yourself or appear desperate, show genuine interest and enthusiasm and you are sure to be able to build meaningful relationships.

Keep making music

Lastly, continue to keep providing music. Once you have released a track and promoted it, you should be ready to provide another release to make the most of the interest you have created. The worst thing you can do is become quiet and lose the buzz around your persona. You should utilize the excitement built by your last release, in order to generate an even bigger buzz around your next one. While the pressure may be intense, your fans will be expecting a regular release pattern and will quickly lose interest if you only release one track every six months.

Getting your music heard relies upon your dedication to thoroughly promoting each release. Without proper planning and a well-thought-out approach, your tracks stand much less chance of generating interest. Make sure to follow all of the above steps to ensure that influencers and fans alike will be inclined to stream your releases, and soon your tracks will be spreading like wildfire.