Having a verified Spotify account is this easy

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So after months/years of perfecting your craft and creating music, you feel that you’re ready to get verified. After all, that blue tick next to your name on social media platforms is sometimes considered a status symbol of finally “making it” in the music industry. And so after getting your song uploaded to the platform, the next thought going through your head is how to actually follow through with this idea. Verification for Spotify is actually a reasonably simple process. And so within a few minutes of reading this article, you’ll be on your way to getting that blue tick next to your artist profile.

Get your music distributed to the platform

Before you’re able to undergo the verification process, you’ll obviously need to ensure that you have a catalogue of music on the site. Even if it’s just 2-3 songs, that’ll help a lot in your quest for the blue tick. In contrast, if you haven’t got any music on the platform yet, you are more than welcome to use approved aggregators (distribution platforms) that will deliver your music to the majority of online streaming/download sites. These include the likes of Tunecore, Routenote, and many more.

Create a Spotify for artists account

In order to get verified on Spotify, you need to ensure that you have a Spotify For Artists account (click on the hyperlink to create it). This is a portal by Spotify that allows you to see the stats of your music, as well as editing your profile, and updating your bio/images on the site. But despite all of the playlisting features, I absolutely love the tools that are available to artists that help them to understand their listener demographics. For example, you can view the gender, age, location, and so much more directly from the portal. Simply click “Create Account”, and search for your artist profile. It’s that easy!

Wait for the verification process

Admittedly, there used to be a verification form for Spotify that artists had to fill out. The verification process used to be extremely hard to gain access to for emerging artists within the music industry. After all, it tended to just be the “big boys” that had the pride of having a blue tick. Several months ago, artists used to need at least 250 followers to even have a chance of being successful. But in a bid to create more simplicity on the platform, the entire verification process is done automatically. Once access has been granted to you (and possibly your management team), you’ll have instant access to the Spotify For Artists portal that will enhance your experience as a content creator on the platform. During this time, Spotify will take a look at the information provided by the artist, and potentially grant verification if everything is correct! Simple.

Utilize the new tools available to you

If you’re looking to get more plays/followers on your profile, then getting inside official & independent playlists is a great way to go about it. To do this, it would be a great idea to build relationships with playlist curators (official and independent) in order to optimize your chances. You’ll probably be able to find their contact info on their Spotify or a quick Facebook search. If more people are discovering your music, then it’s pretty obvious that you’ll have a higher chance of getting more followers. And so reaching out to playlist curators can be a great use of your time if you’re looking to enhance your Spotify profile & brand image. But why should you get verified? There are so many reasons why this can mean a lot for people. But to give you some examples:

  • The blue tick next to your name looks great.
  • The fan insights are great for analyzing your audience.
  • You can add media content such as photos and a bio.
  • You’re able to curate playlists directly by the artist that you have access to.

Although there is no specific time that it can take to get an artist profile verified, it tends to take between 2 – 4 weeks. However, this is obviously done on a case-by-case basis. Now that you know how simple it is – get to it!