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Why your own image database is the secret to your branding

As a dance music producer, your images are a key part of your branding as well as your online image in general. You could think about press photos for example or images that have been shot by a photographer at an event where you have performed, but there’s a lot more to it. If you don’t use an effective method to categorize these images, you’ll have an image library that’s a mess and that will be time-consuming when trying to find an image to use for your social media channels. Below you can find some ways to store your images and how to prevent losing everything if your laptop dies on you.  Create image folders per year and month As you no doubt have seen on Martin Garrix’s social media, his team uses a #tbt (throwback Thursday) post every once in a while. Thanks to the fact that they have a big image-database they can easily pick a moment and know exactly where and when it took place. Categorize your image folders per country If you’re a touring artist and are returning to the USA soon, it makes a lot of sense to use an image of the last time you were there. Blasterjaxx often post an image of a previous festival edition rather than the standard format artist artwork […]

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