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How social media gives producers a sense of entitlement

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way that producers, record labels, influencers, and PR companies voice their opinions. As well as being a great content platform, sites such as Facebook & Instagram have enabled us to interact with fans & generate meaningful relationships with the audience. For better or worse, it has definitely changed the shape of the music industry over the past few years. During this article, we’re going to be discussing the psychology behind how producers have a natural sense of entitlement due to social media.  Love it or hate it, social media has definitely managed to reduce some barriers to entry within the music industry. Due to the major record labels no longer being in control of the charts, producers with big fanbases have been able to rally their fans behind a track to get it Spotify & iTunes charting positions. Likewise, a large fanbase has always (and will continue to) provided leverage when it comes to making record deals, blog features, and other important steps within an artists career.  In addition, so-called “viral videos” have allowed producers to be instantly catapulted into the limelight of culture. For example, Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ managed to gain over 50 million Spotify streams and resulted in a worldwide trend of people dancing along to the song. Despite all of the […]

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