How to effectively network in the music industry

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One of the most effective methods to fast track your success in the music industry is networking. The relationships you create have unlimited potential to snowball your success, and can provide you with endless opportunities to further your career. Ultimately, success in the music industry is all about who you know, being in the right place at the right time to have access to the best opportunities and building meaningful relationships to build a network of useful contacts. But what is the key to networking with industry professionals?


LinkedIn is an ideal method for networking, especially if you have limited opportunities to meet people in the flesh. Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date and represents your brand well, this may be a professional’s first interaction with you, so it is vital to create a good first impression. As with all social networks, the key is offering engaging content in order to reach a wider audience, peak peoples interest in your brand by standing out for the right reasons. It is also wise to make a note of those that you speak to and build a connection with, these notes may help you in the future if you need to contact them again and require prior context.


Research is a vital component of networking effectively. In order to really build meaningful relationships, prior research enables you to find common interests quickly and know your audience. It is also a good idea to think about how you could help others, find something you can offer them in order to work together. Finding out what an individual is really interested in can avoid any initial awkwardness upon meeting, and can enable you to quickly break the ice by mentioning common interests.

Attending networking events

Throughout the year there are various events around the globe ideal for networking with professionals in the electronic music industry. Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza, and Miami Music Week (MMW) are just a few of the yearly electronic music conferences around the globe. Attending any of these can prove invaluable in networking, as you are highly likely to bump into influential figures. These conferences are also a great learning opportunity, offering talks from massively inspiring industry figures who have knowledge and experience to help breakthrough artists gain further understanding.

Being helpful

While working your way up the ladder as a producer it is important to understand the value of favours. Helping a useful contact with something for free will go a long way in building a mutually beneficial relationship, and they may be willing to help you out in turn. Being willing to help others also goes a long way in building a positive reputation, something which you should always be striving to achieve as an artist.

Giving the right impression

Naturally, none of these actions will be worthwhile if you don’t provide a good first impression. Be careful not to be too full on, and always remain on your best behaviour. That being said, don’t be too robotic either, the personal approach goes a long way, just remember to stay professional. This also counts for your social media, which is often the place that people find you. Always reveal the best side of yourself in order to make the best connection with other people. The truth is, if you come across badly and don’t treat people with respect, word will quickly spread that you are not someone to associate with, and you will find it almost impossible to network with that reputation.

By tying together all of these aspects, you can ensure that you are doing the most you can to network with industry professionals. Making connections with the right people holds endless potential for your career, as you never know where your next opportunity could come from. Showing good will and helping somebody else can lead to reciprocation, and gaining an opportunity. Regardless of the outcome, networking done correctly can only lead to positive things for you and your brand, and is essential in expanding your persona.