How to focus on your success & not care about the opinions of others

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Within the music industry, we all want to be liked by our peers and colleagues that we regularly interact with. Whether it’s for our hard work ethic, production ability or anything else, the majority of people certainly want to be respected for their talents. However, when we start thinking about other people’s opinions of us, we all of a sudden get into a frenzy of nervousness and begin to overthink everything. As a result, a lot of our actions are done simply to please our peers in order to fit the expectations that they place on us. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to focus on your success and not care about the opinions of others.

Firstly, it’s extremely important to identify what triggers you when it comes to feeling insecure about yourself. Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people within the music industry? Are you sensitive to false rumours about yourself? No matter what, it’s always best to not let minor issues such as those cause you to steer away from your primary ambitions within the entertainment industry. Instead, try to understand that it’s only one person’s opinion and that you are ultimately in control of your own ambitions. Likewise, overthinking about a subject can make it seem a lot worse than it actually is. Instead of thinking negatively about how you can’t achieve something, try and think with a positive mindset such as what you’ll achieve if everything goes to plan.

Life is extremely short: there’s no doubt about it. If you are constantly judging yourself because of everyone else’s opinions, understand that we only have one life and you have to make the most of it. In 80 years, will you regret not achieving something just because some random dude on the internet said you wouldn’t do it? I expect so. You have to make yours self-aware as to what you want within life so you’re able to reverse engineer your actions to achieve your ambitions. Whether you like it or not, some people will just naturally not like you. Nothing can be done about it so aim to move on and pursue your ambitions.

Next, you have to focus on the moment. You have to focus on the present. Instead of looking back and wishing things could be done differently, look forward to the many opportunities that the future will present. Do you want to run the next DJ MAG? Generate relationships with people around the music industry (especially in the media sector). Do you want to generate a million streams? Work on networking with Spotify curators. Instead of caring what people think about your music, focus on yourself. Let history be the judge and prove the haters wrong. What you have to remember is that the majority of people aren’t paying constant attention to you. Instead, they simply see you in their news feed and decide to make a nasty comment to distract you from your ambitions. If this is happening regularly, remove them from your life so that you aren’t facing constant negative distractions. You’re never going to be able to please everyone. Just make yourself happy, and everything else will fall into place.

Opinions of people are always changing. Just because somebody hates you right now doesn’t mean that they’ll hate you for the next decade. Often, it’s just a misunderstanding that causes them to dislike you for whatever reason. If possible, try and speak with your haters to understand why they are acting that way. As an example, many people weren’t keen on Marshmello several years ago because they thought it was a gimmick to get famous. But when they understood his mask represented the ability for anyone to make music and spread positivity, the general perception of Marshmello shifted within the electronic music industry.

Keeping perspective of your career is something that many people don’t do. According to scientists, the odds of being born are roughly 1 in 400 trillion. Let alone the odds of (probably) living in a first-world country and generating a living from your passion. Within the music industry, we are often so wrapped in numbers of Spotify streams that we lose perspective of what’s important. Focus on yourself, and ensure that you don’t lose perspective of how amazing this current opportunity is.

Many people aspiring to be a successful producer are extremely young. For example, a lot of producers who are currently playing major festivals around the world are under the age of 30. Once you realize how young you are, you’ll instantly be motivated to create a strong difference in your life so you’re regularly progressing your career. Even If you’re 30, you still have the (probable) equivalent of 3 lifetimes ahead of you. You’re young. The opinion of one person in your life right now does not matter. You should not be deterred by the opinions of one other human being. Of course, people are going to give you negativity within the pursuit of your ambitions; it’s normal. But try and turn it into constructive feedback so that you’re able to act on what’s being said.