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How to write an effective email that will get great responses

Imagine you’re a record label A&R. A producer you’ve never heard of sends you an email. The subject line says “sign me to your label”, and the body of the text is simply a Soundcloud link. You immediately delete it because the sender has no regard for email etiquette. A lot of producers within the music industry are absolutely incredible when it comes to the creative side of the music industry. However, they often lack skills regarding the distribution (business) aspect and thus are receiving bad results. During this article, we’re going to discuss the exact strategy behind gaining great email responses, and how to approach people within the music industry in an authentic way. Let’s start with the fundamentals. If you are a dubstep producer, it makes sense to send music to dubstep record labels and Spotify playlists. Although this may seem extremely basic, many people within the music industry don’t have the smarts to even understand it. If you speak to any blogger, they will be able to give you countless examples of submissions they’ve received that don’t even adhere to the genre of the blog. Once you’ve created a specific audience (such as online dubstep blogs with over 10k followers), you need to find the right person to connect with. This may be within the contact information […]

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