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How to get your music used by Netflix & Amazon TV shows

With most producers using streaming as their primary source of income, many seem to overlook the possibility of sync placements of their music within TV and film. However, these placements can be extremely lucrative when successful. Whether it’s a movie, video game, film trailer, or TV show, licensing your music to media companies can be a great way to earn an additional source of revenue. In this article, we’re going to discuss what a music supervisor is, and how they are crucial to getting your music placed in your favorite tv shows. Essentially, a music supervisor is somebody that underscores a piece of video with songs once the producer/director supplies them with the footage. For example, they may put an upbeat EDM song into a party scene of a movie. Once they have negotiated a fee with the content creator (artist), it is placed into the movie or tv show for broadcasting. It may be the original song, an instrumental, or just a short snippet. Whatever the section of the track, it’s a huge acomplishment to be able to say that your music was used in a TV show. Now that we know what a music supervisor is, it’s time to discuss how to get in contact with them. Contrary to popular belief, cold emailing hardly ever works in this […]

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