How to grow a more substantial audience on Snapchat

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Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet. Constantly remaining in the App Store Top 10, and with several hundred million active users, its influence on people around the world is absolutely incredible. But with many people focusing on the likes of Instagram and Facebook, many producers are not paying attention to their Snapchat strategy. In this article, we’re going to discuss the exact steps you need to take in order to increase your following and ultimately grow your brand.

If you are just starting out, the most useful piece of advice to gain your first 100-200 followers would be to connect with your friends and family regarding your Snapchat account. By telling them your username, or giving them your snap code, you can quickly gain several hundred followers with ease. On the Snapchat home screen, simply tap the top left icon, and click “add friends”. On this screen, you will see a multitude of options available in regards to growing your audience. For example, you could add people from your address book who also have the app. Assuming you have several hundred contacts, it provides a great option for getting your first few hundred story views. If you are a producer/record label with access to a database of your consumers, you simply have to import their numbers into your address book on your phone and add them up on the application. Obviously, make sure you comply with any data protection laws.

Another way to increase your follower count on Snapchat is by adding your Snapcode to your website and email signature. If you’re regularly interacting with other producers and labels via email, it provides a strong signal that you’re on the social platform and are open to connecting. Adding your Snapchat account to your website can also increase your follower count significantly – especially with a high volume of traffic on the webpage. Due to people constantly browsing the website (and often wanting to connect on social media), it simply provides another option for them to do so. 

Also, promoting your Snapchat account on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can boost your following significantly. If you have an engaged following, you can post your Snapcode for them to save and add you on the platform. Or alternatively, you could run ads against music producers with an interest in Snapchat on a global basis so you target new consumers who may be interested in following you on the platform. This will allow you to quickly generate an audience of (potentially) thousands of people that will engage with your brand on a daily basis.

Finally, you could team up with influencers on the platform if you are looking to grow your Snapchat account. Just like you can use influencers to increase sales of merchandise and gig tickets, you can also use them to grow your social media following. For example, you could get a meme page on Instagram to do an Instagram story – that gets users to swipe up to follow your Snapchat account. It is certainly worth mentioning that the more aligned the influencer is with your niche, the better conversion rate you will have. For example, an EDM meme page will give much better results for a producer wanting to grow their following in comparison to a very general meme page with a similar following. Simply by searching keywords around your niche into the platform will give you the ability to find potential influencers. Despite a lot of the EDM community disregarding Snapchat as “dead” or “not relevant”, its skew amongst the young demographics certainly allow for your brand to flourish on multiple social media platforms.