Proven tactics to improve your Instagram engagement

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Social media Marketing is becoming a lot more important for music producers lately. Even if your music is great, it won’t reach anybody without the correct and most effective distribution methods. But simply creating a profile and waiting for the followers to come is not a viable strategy for anybody truly desiring success. Instead, it’s a constant game of keeping your followers engaged so that they constantly care about your artist brand. 

With over one billion users per month, Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most important platforms around the world to promote a business, musician, or anything that deserves attention from consumers. The truth is that if you are active, your followers won’t care about your brand. It’s that simple. Consequently, you’ll have fewer people streaming your music, fewer people attending your shows, and your revenue will probably dwindle into something that’s not viable to sustain. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to give you some strategies that you can use to increase the engagement on your Instagram posts in order to dominate the platform. 

So what do you actually need to pay attention to whilst marketing your content? Likes, comments, shares, impression, and audience demographics are some key features which will allow you to optimize your engagement. For example, if you go to your page insights, you can see the top-performing pieces of content, and create similar style photos/videos in order to ensure that your audience loves what you are posting. If you are simply uploading self-promotional material, the chances of high engagement are very slim.

Also, paying attention to the comments in your Instagram posts are a great way to gauge how well your posts are resonating with your audience. If they are tagging friends, saying they love each upload or putting an alternative positive message, that’s a good sign. However, if the majority of your comments tell you that you should post more, post different types of content, or simply diversify your photos to something a bit more than you in the studio, you should pay attention to them. After all, your audience is the defining factor in how successful your artistic career is.

Utilizing hashtags in an efficient way is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your posts to people who aren’t already following you. As people have the opportunity to follow hashtags, your post may appear in their feed which could potentially attract new fans directly to your profile. By putting hashtags in either the caption or the comments, it provides exposure to (potentially) millions of people around the world. For example, you could put #DubstepProducer in the comments of your new post, and the thousands of people following that tag may see your post in their feed if it is currently getting high engagement.

Emojis are another great way of increasing engagement on your music producer Instagram profile. Instead of your captions being a giant block of black text, it provides the opportunity to provide a bit of colour to what would otherwise look not visually appealing. For example, you could easily add a headphone emoji at the start of your caption to catch people’s attention. Followed by a thought-provoking piece of text, it could easily lead to a deeper audience relationship. Additionally, you could get your fans to comment on their favourite emoji, or ask them what emoji would suit the caption. As well as driving comments in the Instagram algorithm to reach more people, it is extremely quick & easy for your audience to do. Now that they have commented on your post, the chances of them commenting again on your next upload are statistically much higher.

Despite Instagram initially being a platform for sharing photos, its video feature has completely revolutionized the platform due to the sheer amount of content variety that could be uploaded. Instead of a static image that could easily be scrolled past, music producers have the opportunity to create an engaging video that resonates with the audience. If you are able to have a high watch time, users are consequently spending more time on the platform – and are seeing more ads as a result. Consequently, Instagram will start to reward you with higher organic reach due to your profile being considered more relevant to the audience.

Tagging your location is another great way to increase engagement on an Instagram profile. Before you post your image, adding the location where it was taken is a great way to increase engagement & awareness amongst an even bigger audience that may not be following you. Many users use the platform to dream about going on a vacation due to its visual nature – and thus scroll through photos in a particular location that they would like to visit. For example, if you are a music producer who recently went to Hollywood Boulevard in California, you could tag it as a location. If you are able to get engagement from your initial audience, the post has a chance of being put into the “top posts” section of the location tag. As a result, everybody searching Hollywood Boulevard on Instagram will discover your post almost instantly. 

By using these specific tactics to boost your awareness amongst people following you, and people who may not have discovered you yet, it provides a great opportunity to increase engagement, and potentially get more fans as a direct result. With social media platforms prioritizing posts with high engagement, those who are able to execute on these tactics will see extremely fruitful results on social media.