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Twitter differs widely from most of the other social media platforms out there. The site is much more driven by opinions and much less visual than Instagram meaning that your strategy should differ somewhat. Ever since the platform’s character limit was doubled from 140 to 280, users have had much more chance to express themselves through written text. This is great for marketing as it gives you a larger space to deliver your content and more freedom to be creative and open up to your audience.

Debate and opinion are what makes Twitter unique and many artists are slightly more honest with their opinions on the platform than they are elsewhere. This means that Twitter is a much more real platform for artists to express themselves, enabling fans to see a different side of their favourite stars, promotion aside. But what does it take to really get the most out of Twitter as an artist? We’ve taken a deeper look into some of the main do’s and don’ts to adhere to in order to achieve success on the platform.

One of the most important things to remember about Twitter is the importance of being conversational. A fake exterior is not something that bodes well with Twitter users, so try not to allow your personality to appear forced in any way. Share some of your real thoughts and allow your fans to really get to know you as a person. Artists too often de-humanise in order to consistently promote their campaigns and they lose their essence online. Try to allow your fans in and let them find out about some of your real struggles and opinions. Nobody likes to read constant complaints, but simple things like tweeting about your jet lag or a delayed flight can really help to humanise your brand.

That being said, be careful not to over-share. As an artist, it is important to remember that there is a clear line when it comes to opinions that you should never cross. For example, tweeting about your dislike for a certain food is entertaining for your audience, tweeting about being against a certain political policy, on the other hand, can be dangerous for your persona. Although you may be sure that your opinion is the right one, many of your fans may not feel the same way and you could lose support as a result. One of the most important aspects of interacting with your fans is remembering never to alienate anyone on purpose. Always try to be inclusive and keep your strong opinions to a minimum. Gaining support is a lot more difficult than losing it.

Another aspect of Twitter that artists sometimes overlook is the importance of engaging and conversing with your audience. Recognise support and always remember to reward it. If there’s a fan that always supports your releases, show your appreciation by responding to them and retweeting their post onto your profile. As with all tactics, don’t overdo it, but a simple like or retweet can prove hugely valuable in the eyes of your fanbase. If you reward a fan by responding to them once, they’re much more likely to want to further their support for you in the future in order to engage with you further. Conversing with fans in a friendly manner makes you much more likeable as a person and can do wonders for your level of support.

In the same respect, make sure not to overload your followers with promotional content. Speaking about your latest track is fine, but try to break up the promotion so that people don’t get bored with your posts and unfollow or mute you. Try to share humorous content between the promotion to make it less constant. Balance is key and too much of anything can make your audience bored. Ultimately, when people use social media they don’t want to feel as if they are being advertised to. As soon as people feel overwhelmed by promotion they switch off mentally and are much less inclined to provide you with engagement.

The key to success on Twitter is balance. Share a degree of your personal life balanced by promotional content. On Twitter, humour provides the most viral content. Your strategy for Twitter should be completely different when compared with your strategy for other platforms. In order to generate a great deal of engagement on Twitter share humorous moments and opinions in order to create the best possible response from your fanbase.

Ultimately, to succeed on Twitter always try to be as relatable and human as possible. Avoid overly selling yourself and instead focus on sharing a more personal side of yourself, without going too in-depth. Make sure that the promotion is not overwhelming and instead focus on the more enjoyable side of tweeting. Always provide a healthy balance of content to keep your audience entertained. Be careful not to share too many of your personal opinions, but give your fans the chance to get to know you a little better. Some of the best tweets are polls, why not ask your fanbase a question about themselves? This will give your fans the impression that you care about what they have to say and allow them to see a more human side of you. It also generates a great deal of conversation around your brand. Overall, success on Twitter is about openness and balance, analyse your latest tweets and see if you’re really making the most of the platform.


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