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How to make money on social media

Social media usage is constantly increasing every single day. With more and more people generating significant incomes from their content, it’s about time that we revealed the secrets of how to make money from your content. Whether you have 1,000 followers or 100k, this applies to you – so take notes and execute on your ambitions. To put things into perspective, Instagram alone has over 800 million active users. That’s roughly the entire combined population of Europe & Canada. Pretty impressive! And so with such a potentially lucrative opportunity to make money from your passion, or to expand business into new territories, it’s no surprise that many people are jumping at the opportunity to grow a social media following. In this article, we’re going to discuss different methods on how to make money with your social media content. If you’re looking for some quick cash, Patreon is one of your best options to generate a revenue. Essentially, it’s a platform that allows you to be sponsored by your fanbase in exchange for regular content being uploaded to your socials. As an example of the economics potentially coming to your account, let’s say that 500 people sponsor you $10 a month to produce music production tutorials, that’s already $5k a month being generated as a direct result of your content. Here’s […]

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