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How to optimize your performance within the music industry

Whether it’s a DJ in a club making every transition sound absolutely flawless, or an upcoming producer able to secure any collaboration they desire, humans naturally have curiosity as to how our peers are able to accomplish everything with (supposedly) minimal effort. During this article, we’re going to understand how high-performers make everything look easy within their careers, and how you can do exactly the same.  Think back to the early days of your life where everything seemed effortless for those around you. But in reality, it wasn’t. For example, driving a car, learning how to ride a bike, picking up a DAW for the first time, and many other significant events within life. Growing up, we would see those successful people at the top of the industry. We would wonder how they did it and someday aspire to reach that level of greatness. Every successful person within the music industry has certain habits that allow them to be extremely high performers within their craft. As an example, the average consumer of EDM on Spotify may see a producer and believe they are incredibly talented with every single release that they’ve ever put out. The majority of people may think that they are incredibly talented and can produce incredibly high-quality tracks within an instant. However, the reality is that it’s […]

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