How to re-target people who view your content

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If someone clicks on your website link or takes the time to listen to or watch your content it means you’ve sparked their interest. As a dance-music producer you should understand how to be able to retarget your audience; in other words, how to keep popping up in their feed and thoughts. In this article, we’ll explain ways to retarget people who clicked/watched or listened to your content.

Link retargeting

Link retargeting works like this: someone clicks on a personal link you shared via e-mail/social-media or anywhere else on the internet. You can set up specific ads that will be shown to anyone who has clicked that link. So, what are the benefits? You can create a social-media or e-mail campaign that shares links to relevant content from your archive; simply: if someone listened to one of your progressive-house releases, they will probably also like your next progressive-house tune, so you can make that pop up in their feed or inbox. In addition to that, you can retarget people with content from trusted sources. As an example, when your track gets featured by Your EDM you can create an ad with that and show it to the people who listened to the preview of the track.

Method 1: Pixel placement service lets you create short links that include your Facebook pixel to build a custom audience from anyone who clicks on those links. The startup plan is $9 a month and allows you to use 1 pixel and 200 links per month, however, there’s no limit on the number of clicks. To be able to use this you must set up your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pixel. You can find your Facebook pixel right here:

Once you have set up the pixel and copied the code, go to the dashboard of There you can first enter the long URL of a content-piece you’d like to shorten. Once you’ve done that, paste the pixel-code and give it a logical name like ‘My Facebook pixel’. And there you have it, your result will look something like you can see in the image below and that’s your special link, which you can post anywhere on the internet.

Method 2: RetargetLinks: an all-in-one service

RetargetLinks offers an all-in-one platform that’s simple to use. It differs from in that it allows you to create banner ads and manage the ad display campaign from the system’s dashboard. RetargetLinks has no monthly subscription fee; you pay only for the banner ads, which cost $8 per 1,000 ad impressions (volume discounts are available). You also get a branded URL for free. To get started, head over to their website and register with your name, e-mail & the URL you’d like to shorten. In their dashboard, you got an overview of the links you’ve shortened and all ads/campaigns you’ve done according to the objective. See below where you can put in your banner-ads that you can specify for each campaign.

Don’t immediately start doing a banner-campaign, a guideline is to start it when you’ve reached 250 link-clicks. There are various sizes available and depending on where you’d like people to see it you should experiment to figure out which size works best for you audience.

Create Links

Remember that the whole point of this service is to share links that people click on, and then you can target specific ads to those people. RetargetLinks allows you to set up different campaigns for different goals and create links and ads that are relevant. You have two choices for creating links. The first option is to enter URLs into the URL field one at a time on the Links tab. Each time you’ll select which campaign you want to associate with that URL. The second option is to use the RetargetLinks Chrome extension to generate URLs while browsing other sites. We find this option ideal for when using Google Chrome. Just like by using you can share the RetargetLinks-links anywhere on the internet.

Few final tips

  • Consider at which stage of your campaign it would make sense to start retargeting people
  • Think about the road-map for your audience, if someone checked a preview, show them the full track, not an old album. If they click on a merchandise link, show them a special offer to stimulate them to buy.
  • Be patient; the money that you will spend doing this is just an investment, if used properly you can strengthen your relationship with your audience and make more people aware of your music, which can lead to more gigs => more money, but this is a lengthy process.