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How to turn followers into fans on Soundcloud

Everyone knows a like doesn’t mean a fan. But how can you turn all these followers in fans? What does it take to increase your conversion rate on socials? What strategies can you implement to convert more followers into real fans? A number of tools such as download gates, mailing lists and follow-for-follow strategies are all available for artists to use, however, these aren’t always 100% reliable. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most effective methods in attracting real fans. Interact with fans Keeping active in between song releases is a vital first step in earning real followers. You might see a 3-month gap between your first and most recent release, so filling the void is imperative. Doing so, shows that you’re more than just a music producer – you’re a person too. Fans like to put names to faces. While responding to tweets, comments and private messages goes a long way, some DJ’s like to go a step further with fan interaction. Deadmau5, a self-confessed gamer, often spends time on Twitch, playing games like Rocket League with his fans. This takes fan interaction to a whole new level, as people are able to watch and offer their thoughts, live on the spot, while spending time with their favorite artist off-camera. This is where fans can see DJ’s […]

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