How to utilize the 360-degree trend for your own content

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Over time, the development of technology gives way to increasingly inspiring and ground breaking content. As new options become available, it is imperative for artists to jump on board and make the most of trends in order to experience the highest level of engagement. One of the biggest current trends is the use of 360-degree photo and video content on social media, allowing fans to feel fully immersed in live performances from the comfort of their own homes. These photos and videos provide even more engagement than regular posts, and have proven to be a hit with audiences. With artists, festivals, and brands taking advantage of this trend, it is important to start releasing your own 360-degree content. We’ve taken a look at some key examples of 360-degree content and how you can replicate these for your own campaigns.

Hardwell at Ultra Miami

In 2017, Hardwell streamed his performance at Ultra Miami for 360-degree viewing. This move made his set even more accessible for fans around the globe, and allowed viewers to feel fully immersed in the footage. As 360-degree footage of performances is still very uncommon the fact that Hardwell utilized technology in this way put him a step ahead of all of the other performers at Ultra that year, drawing even more focus. Making his set available in 360-degrees provided even more publicity, and meant that news outlets and fans were all eager to share the unique footage. Live streaming or uploading pre-recorded 360-degree footage showcasing one of your performances is a great PR move. It harnesses public attention and gives your performance the focus it really needs to thrive. Staying ahead of the game is a great way to build a positive reputation as an artist, and by utilizing technology available, you will be able to keep fans interested in your content by offering them something different.

Swedish House Mafia at Milton Keynes Bowl

360-degree content does not only have to showcase video. 360-degree photos have also proven to be hugely popular, and provide the ability to showcase an event visually. While 360-degree photos have been popular for a number of years, it was only recently that Facebook gained the capacity to allow users to upload 360-degree photos to the platform. In 2012, Swedish House Mafia performed at Milton Keynes Bowl, and took a 360-degree photo of the crowd in unbelievable detail. Their campaign was focussed on members of the crowd being able to spot themselves in the photo and tag themselves. The photo gives viewers a panoramic view of the crowd, and the ability to feel completely immersed in the moment. Since then, even more artists have been taking 360-degree photos during live performances, and have experienced increased engagement as a result. With Facebook now enabling users to take 360-degree photos through the app without the need for a third party programme, any artist can utilize the technology to their advantage. Providing fans with a 360-degree photo of a live show will encourage even further engagement, and will expand your reach even further. Swedish House Mafia’s 360 degree photo is viewable in full here.
swedish house mafia 360 degree
As technology adapts and improves, it becomes more and more important to stay ahead of the trends and make use of opportunities provided. Now that the option of 360-degree photo and video is widely available and has become well and truly part of the social media experience, it is vital to get involved in the trend and share your own 360-degree content. By keeping up with trends, you ensure that you will experience even more fan engagement, and through engagement your reach will expand even further around the globe. Keep your content fresh and enticing for your audience, and soon you will reap the rewards through engagement levels and exponential audience growth.