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How VR will mark the next step in the electronic music revolution

Since EDM hit the mainstream in a huge way around the start of this past decade, the electronic music bubble has seemingly grown to a size that is bigger than anything any expert could have predicted. But with technologies constantly changing, one of the key areas that many DJs and producers look to is what the future holds. How can artists get a step ahead of their rivals in their careers? How can they utilise new features to appear innovative, or offer fans a brand new experience? One of the key features of such questions may rest within the realm of Virtual Reality. This comes after the recent news that The Glitch Mob partnered with TheWaveVR to create an insane visual experience for their album ‘See Without Eyes’. What is a VR music experience? Launching the full VR experience on June 21st, fans of The Glitch Mob were able to completely immerse themselves in the electronic album, marking the world’s first social virtual reality (VR) music platform. ‘See Without Eyes’ takes users on a VR odyssey of shifting dreamscapes choreographed to a 20-minute custom mix of the album. As users fly through several environments, they can interact with each other as well as become part of the visuals. The show – available to any Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset owner […]

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