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Interview: PressPlay – the record label that prioritises talent

As an artist, the earliest stages of your career can often involve difficulty in getting your music heard. Despite your level of talent, this will always be one of the biggest hurdles that must be overcome in order to move forward. This is where PressPlay comes in. The firm is making a huge impact on the careers of upcoming artists who have all the talent to succeed but don’t have the contacts or the visibility required. Being able to reach a large audience is one of the biggest goals for upcoming artists, but can prove incredibly difficult on your own. This is why enlisting a label like PressPlay is so important in furthering your career as an artist. PressPlay is at its core, a record label. But don’t be fooled, it isn’t your average label. PressPlay prides itself on working with talented artists to enable them to achieve their goals in the music industry. The label is founded on the belief that talent is what counts, and that talented artists shouldn’t be restricted by lack of contacts in the industry. Major labels often don’t support talented artists who are yet to reach their peak and instead focus on those who have already made a name for themselves in the industry, circulating music from the same artists on repeat. This isn’t […]

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