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Is college still necessary for a successful music career?

Many producers and people within the music industry naturally go to college because it’s been the norm for decades and has continued through previous generations. But with technology constantly evolving, is it really necessary for a successful music career? During this article, we’re going to discuss some problems commonly faced when going to college, and what can be done instead to progress your career. After all, the dilemma of going to college is something that many producers within the music industry face. Throughout High School, we are taught that achieving straight As in classes is the only way to succeed. We are often taught that college is the accepted norm for the next progression of our lives. But in the modern day, thousands (possibly millions) of people are not going to college because of other opportunities available to them. But in reality, college simply doesn’t prepare students for the real-world like it would have done several years ago. In a time of economic prosperity, many courses are outdated and even talk about marketing tactics that no longer are useful due to courses having been written in 2005. But as soon as the system gets flipped on its head, everything becomes surreal. For example, many people become so used to success that they have no idea how to deal with adversity […]

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