Maintaining an international audience with WeChat

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Doesn’t it sound ideal to have exclusive access to a market with a lot of potential fans that is still not as widely used in the industry? WeChat is exactly the platform that you need as an artist to unlock a grand realm of fans that not many have paid attention to just yet. WeChat, the social media platform that will help you to unlock the gates to reach these potential fans, has been a growing platform in China that has attracted a crowd of over a billion monthly active users, according to Business Insider. The numbers and size of the platform sound impressive, but what sounds even better is being able to reach as many of those billion monthly users as possible. A highly raved feature on WeChat is where your followers can only see posts from people that they’ve subscribed to and follow which causes them to focus on more of the content that you are posting. So how do you reach a part of the billion people with your content?

Recognize & understand your audience

Starting off as an inspiring entertainer, WeChat right off the bat gives you the option to create an official account which will allow you to promote your brand. Once you have an official page, people can follow it to receive more content and notifications. What type of content flourishes in WeChat? WalktheChat has spoken about how “consistently good” content will always be cherished, however, it seems to be difficult for accounts to post material that resonates well over time with their audience. Research conducted by MarketingtoChina has revealed how you must try to comprehend and identify your target follower group to ensure that your message is going to the right people. They also mentioned how a variety of posts including videos, pictures, etc do much better than just the same, casual posts.

Post a variety of content

As an artist, you will create unique content that you’d like to reach a large audience and WeChat can help you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, making sure your unique content is shareable is very important. Word of mouth is still one of the greatest ways to be marketed and if your content is unique, it’ll do that on its own for you. It is important for you to remain consistent with unique content to encourage audience conversation and to expand your reach more. Rather than just displaying your content via text, try and sum it up with a cool picture, video, or sound that would amuse your followers more. The more you keep your followers interested, the more they will share it and speak about it, raising the number of fans that you reach at any given time.

Time matters

The time of day that you post has a huge impact on how many people will actually see your content. If you do it at the right time, you may just reach an audience much bigger than expected. Posting at a popular time will not only reach your audience but as they interact more with it, it will reach a larger crowd. In turn, your followers will spread the content.  The algorithm of the platform will also cause your post to be visible to a larger audience. As WalktheChat has said, the best days to post are the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and the best time in general to post is early in the morning from 6 am to 9 am or in the late evening from 8 pm to 1 am.

Reaching a grand audience is not the hardest thing here. Even with the time differences, it’s the consistency and uniqueness behind it that is going to count. Using these tips, posting at the right times and doing so consistently will put you in the position to gain attention on WeChat with ease.. Good luck!