Making music is one thing, but being heard is something else

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An introduction to Moon Jelly: many musicians struggle with their marketing. We provide all the help for you. We offer marketing templates, custom services and we have the best database of articles on marketing your music. You can access some of our content for free in our free plan, but you can take your career to the next level with our premium plan for €9,99/month or the professional plan for €39,99/month. That means you will have your own personal marketing company on a subscription basis.

Premium and professional plans get full access to the library (our so-called ‘pot of gold’) and our marketing templates. Professional plans even get personal coaching, plus every month we offer info on brand partnerships, discounts on personal services, and 4-week-courses you can take. We have everything you need to build a career from your music.

Do you struggle to get noticed? If they can’t find you: make them look. You have to promote your music on social media by interacting with your followers: that’s the key to success. Let’s assume you made a super cool track. It’s amazing, it sounds like a hit! Your friends like it, your mum loves it, but somehow you don’t reach a bigger audience. You post a selfie, you post a studio update, you post the URL again, just to remind everyone of your song, but after some weeks you’re out of ideas on how to get more attention. That’s where we come in.

Did that sound familiar to you? The best musicians are still undiscovered. This proves that being a good musician is not enough to make it. Combine the best music with the best strategy. As marketing experts, we can give you all the tools you need to become your own marketer.

Moon Jelly is a team of music industry professionals. We offer marketing templates, services and many articles. We have ALL the answers. We’ve heard the same old story, again and again, that’s why we started this company. We are a team that offers much-needed help to artists who are struggling to be heard.

Here’s a sneak peek of our inbox:
Q: “I’m a producer, I need more followers, how do I do this?”
A: Standard problem, we have the answer. Use our brand identity template and scan your own social media behavior.

Q: “How do I get into a Spotify playlist?”
A: We have a selection of articles for you, combine it with our release my music template.

Q: ”Why don’t labels reply to my emails?”
A: Because they don’t need you. Not yet. There’s too much good music out there, you have to be noticed. Use our how to get noticed template.

Q: “I don’t know the right people.”
A: Well we do. View our stakeholder map and take the 4-week-course “It’s a peoples business” by email.

Q: “Tiësto supported my track in his radio show: now what?”
A: Congrats! It’s a start, did it fit your timeline, planning and strategy? Our template my personal storyline has the answer.


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