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Marketing tips that the EDM industry can learn from Elon Musk

Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring people culturally right now. He is literally building multiple tunnels underneath Los Angeles, creating a new generation of electric cars, making humans a multi-planetary species due to his ambitions to go to Mars, and much more. But despite all of these incredible achievements, he doesn’t spend much money on advertising. Instead, he uses clever tactics to propel his brands into the eyes of consumers around the world. During this article, we’re going to break down several marketing tactics used by the entrepreneur, and talk about how they can potentially be applied to the music industry.  If you dive deep into his marketing campaigns for product launches, you’ll notice consistency across the board: he doesn’t spend much on advertising. After all, his astounding ingenuity to get attention for his products is certainly awe-inspiring. By using free advertising (such as media interviews), he essentially is able to form connections with millions of customers around the world and spread a message that he is trying to create a better future for the entire human race. Here are just a few of the incredible marketing strategies that allow him to turn all of his companies into established brands worldwide. And of course, you can use these tactics to your advantage so that you can dominate […]

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