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Artist merchandise into fashion – Don Diablo/HEXAGON

The distribution of artist merchandise has always been an integral aspect of the music industry. As it gives fans the opportunity to represent their favorite artists through clothing, understandably the industry has been growing exponentially year after year. An artist who owns perhaps one of the electronic music industry’s most influential clothing lines is Dutch sensation Don Diablo, who in 2015 released his first few pieces of merchandise, each item representing his newly founded label HEXAGON. The store’s quick expansion After releasing a few select items including t-shirts, caps, and pullovers, the clothing line quickly expanded to include bomber jackets, leather jackets, flags, bandanas, stickers, patches, and even socks. As the shop expanded, so did the demand, and each time an item was released, it sold out, truly symbolizing the significance of the artistry and the brand. Before long, the branded items could be seen being worn by supporters at all major festivals, carrying Don Diablo’s HEXAGON brand around the world for all to see. But what enticed his audience to buy into the brand so quickly? The appeal of the brand Unquestionably, the forward-thinking design of the items had a huge part to play in the success of the clothing line. Making high quality, impeccably designed items affordable for the masses, the clothing had a widespread appeal, becoming desirable […]

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