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Moon Jelly officially launches at Amsterdam Dance Event

Last month, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) returned, providing an abundance of exciting conferences and events for attendees from all around the globe. This year, 400,000 people were in attendance from over 100 countries, making this year undoubtedly ADE’s best one yet. At this year’s conference, we officially launched Moon Jelly, inviting our members to come and meet us at our launch party in central Amsterdam to find out more. Amsterdam Dance Event takes place every October and plays host to artists, fans and industry professionals alike. While each segment attends the conference with a different motive, the resulting event is a celebration of electronic music that encompasses a range of activities to suit every need. Whether attending to make industry connections, gain knowledge or simply to party, ADE has remained a constant over the years by offering something for everyone, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons that the conference has been such a central aspect of the industry. Drawing attendance from all over the world, the conference is renowned for its unique offering that cannot be found elsewhere. In fact, many industry leaders will block out their schedule during ADE to ensure that they are a part of the yearly gathering. On the first day of ADE, Wednesday 17th October at Umsjatka Studios Amsterdam we invited Moon Jelly members […]

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