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Music videos: What’s the best way of marketing them?

Releasing a music video is an exciting time in your career as an artist, especially if it is your first. Bringing your music to life in visual form can be a hugely rewarding experience, and can generate an even bigger media buzz around your release. Not to mention, fans respond extremely well to music videos, and will eagerly share your content even more willingly. However, in order to really feel the benefit of releasing a music video, it is essential to put together a strategy around how to market it. There are several aspects involved in marketing your music videos, we’ve taken a closer look at the steps involved. Selecting a release date First of all, you will need to select an appropriate release date for the video. You may feel rushed or pressured by those working around you, but releasing a video too quickly can be detrimental to its success. It is vitally important to allow time for promoting the video before its release, allowing you to create suspense and build the excitement. Waiting to release your video gives your fans something to look forward to, and will make them more likely to share their thoughts online. Planning your music video’s release ahead of time gives you time to plan and implement a thorough marketing campaign, giving the video […]

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