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New South Wales faces festival restrictions that may damage local industry

Governments have always played a key role in the success or failure of live events around the globe. In some regions, festivals are able to flourish to the best of their ability, in other areas, officials are doing everything they can to stop festivals from taking place at all. In Asia, it has consistently proven difficult for festival brands to establish themselves due to local opposition, which has impeded their progress. But, in this article we’ll take a look at the difficulties event organisers are facing in the New South Wales region of Australia, where festivals are being restricted a great deal. New licensing laws are about to come into play within the New South Wales region regarding music festivals, laws which will change the shape of the festival market in the area. These laws will be enforced from 1st March, and have already caused a huge negative stir within the music industry, with some stating that they are set to destroy the live music scene in the area. In fact, two festivals have already been cancelled as a result of the new licensing laws, illustrating the impact that the new rules are set to make on the industry. A festival that was scheduled to take place in February, Mountain Sounds Festival, was cancelled as a result of an unexpected […]

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