The importance of paying attention to trending apps

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Paying attention to trending apps is absolutely crucial if you wish to keep your brand relevant. For example, if you’re one of the first people on an app and it ends up becoming mainstream, there’s good chance that you’ll quickly become an influencer within that space. After all, if there aren’t many curators and you’re producing content on a daily basis, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a lot of people will be attracted to your content and what you have to say.
The truth is that nobody knows what the next big social application will be. However, by watching people’s behavior in “real-life”, it can become relatively easy to understand which apps will emerge over the upcoming years. As an example, delivery services have become increasingly popular. Therefore, an Uber-style service for delivering car gas/fuel would certainly be beneficial to the overall consumer market.
Looking through the App Store charts right now, you can already see great examples of applications that you should definitely be paying attention to. Here they are:


The audio distribution capabilities within Anchor are absolutely phenomenal. The general idea of it is that you’re able to record audio files of yourself talking, and instantly distribute them as podcasts to iTunes, Google, Amazon & other platforms. Over the coming months, you should certainly expect to see similar apps for music production & distribution. For example, something that would instantly upload your music to streaming platforms and allow you to receive royalties in real-time.

Often described as a simple lip-syncing app, it is in fact quite the opposite. Showcasing a rage of talent from cooking to comedy, the genres associated with are certainly quite impressive. However, the numbers speak for themselves. With many videos getting upwards of 500,000 likes, it is definitely an untapped resource within the entertainment industry. After all, it certainly would provide some great music placements to promote your music. If the platform continues its current trend of success, it would not be surprising if it became the next Instagram.


WeChat has become the central social platform for China (and most of Asia for that matter). Users are able to play games, access instant messaging, make payments, book doctors appointments and much more. With almost 1 billion active users to date, it is certainly a worthy rival to Facebook. The majority of people use the platform as a central hub for all of their daily activities. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is an application worth downloading. But how can someone within the entertainment industry make money from the application? If you are a well-known influencer within your niche, there is the potential to put a paywall behind the content that you share (e.g. $5 a month). With a potential following of millions of people, WeChat gives you the opportunity to make thousands of dollars simply by sharing content.


Another app from China, Wish is certainly a great rival towards the US-based Amazon. Upon opening the application, you will notice that there are products at incredible discounts (such as 75% off). As the app ships every product directly from China, it’s able to maintain incredibly low prices. If you’re looking to buy some new DJ equipment, it’s certainly worth a look.


Finally, Current is an app rising through the ranks of the App Store charts that certainly has the attention of the masses. A blockchain based platform based around streaming music, it offers offline music streaming & video for free. Essentially, it is offering Spotify, YouTube, Google Play and other stores offline access for free in exchange for simply using the app.