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The do’s and don’ts for being successful through YouTube

As one of the world’s most popular online platforms, YouTube forms an integral aspect of campaigns for brands and artists. Often left neglected due to being a more time-consuming media platform, many artists struggle to reach their full potential on YouTube. For many, providing extended video content is a daunting prospect that takes a great deal of planning and hard work. Many artists fail to really make the most of the platform until they have reached the top and have a team behind them to help with the hard work. The potential YouTube offers cements it as one of the most important aspects of your online campaigns. In order to understand how to make the most of YouTube, we’ve put together a few tips on the do’s and don’ts to be aware of. YouTube has been a controversial platform at times over the years. Its major drawback is the lack of income that it provides its creators. Although there is revenue to be earned, it is very minimal unless your channel is pulling in a high volume of views. That being said, it is the single greatest option out there for distributing extended video footage. For this reason, it is the main source of live set footage out there. Most major festivals upload their performance footage directly to the platform. […]

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