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The key to effectively managing your online reputation

Taking steps to manage your online reputation is vitally important as an artist. Your online reputation will dictate your online success and will either aid or impede your social media campaigns throughout the years. Having a positive reputation is step one to securing more listeners and fans, making it imperative to build a positive relationship with your audience online. Without a positive reputation, your brand will struggle to expand at the rate it should. Naturally, as an artist you have no control over what others post about you, but don’t be deterred. Much of your online reputation is determined by the way you adapt and respond to negative comments. Responding with aggression is guaranteed to make the situation worse, so avoid doing this at all costs. Not responding at all neither betters nor worsens the situation, but responding and turning the comment into a positive reflection of your brand is the most desirable outcome. Be careful when responding to negative posts, it is very easy to make yourself look worse in the eyes of the masses, so always run your response past somebody else around you first. The key with negative comments is to outweigh them with positive ones. One negative comment in a sea of positivity is lost, but a 50/50 split between good and bad comments can cause […]

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