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1001Tracklists has become an integral aspect of the electronic music industry over the last few years. The hub that informs fans and musicians about set lists, the platform has become a huge source of data around the popularity of certain tracks, artists and events in the industry. To celebrate the New Year, 1001Tracklists has now dropped a detailed document, including data about which tracks, artists and genres were in highest demand over the course of the year. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most-played tracks during DJ sets.

1. Fisher – Losing It

Undoubtedly the most talked about track in the electronic music industry during 2018, Fisher’s tech house anthem ‘Losing It’ well and truly took over the world. The fact that it was the most played track during live sets comes as no surprise. The track featured in almost every set last year, with many artists seeking to generate a reaction. But why was it so popular? It gave fans something they hadn’t heard before, it brought tech house into the mainstream once again. The track itself is also memorable, with the vocal giving it an addictive edge. This serves as a great reminder that creating an addictive track is one of the best ways to generate interest. As an artist, you need to be striving to create a record that listeners will want to hear over and over again. All eyes are on Fisher for 2019, and expectations are incredibly high ahead of his next release.

2. Camelphat & AU/RA – Panic Room

Like ‘Losing It’, ‘Panic Room’ shares the same addictive quality that had fans hitting replay over the course of 2018. According to the ranking, the track also featured in a huge volume of DJ sets over the course of 2018. The vocals intertwined with the heavy tech house influence provided the perfect recipe for a huge electronic hit. The success of ‘Panic Room’ suggests that we may see a rise in heavily vocal tech house hits into 2019.

3. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Camelphat Remix)

Camelphat have also taken third place on the ranking with their remix of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’. The duo brought the track into the modern age with a tech house twist, retaining the original iconic vocal. Many other artists have also found success over the last year by bringing older tracks into the modern era and reworking them.

4. Valentino Khan – Lick It

A wild card in the mix, Valentino Khan’s high-powered hit ‘Lick It’ also served as a major feature in live sets over the course of 2018. What made ‘Lick It’ so popular was undoubtedly the multiple-genre influences that made it the perfect fit for a diverse range of artists. With influences from house, trap and dubstep, it’s unsurprising that the track featured in so many live sets.

5. David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Brooks – Like I Do

This track was undoubtedly one of the most popular in 2018, making regular appearances during live sets. One of the reasons that this track performed so well is undoubtedly the combination of two of the industry’s biggest heavyweights, David Guetta and Martin Garrix. Although the track itself is impressive, it illustrates just how important collaborations are within the electronic music industry.

6. Steff Da Campo & Siks – Make Me Feel

With this track, it succeeded through its unique quality. It provided listeners with something brand new, flipping future house on its head. For this reason, it provided the perfect addition to live performances. This track highlights the importance of experimentation and building a diverse catalogue of releases.

7. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – One Kiss

It will surprise many that this track didn’t land at the top spot. It played a major feature in mainstage live sets around the globe over the course of 2018, either as an acapella or the full version. The vocal lent itself effortlessly to a host of other popular tracks, making the perfect overlay during live sets.

8. DJ Snake, Mercer, Jermaine Dupri – Let’s Get Ill

This house anthem also played a major role in the sound of electronic music during 2018. Like many of the previously mentioned tracks, it holds an addictive quality that makes it incredibly memorable for anyone who listens to it. The power-house anthem made a great addition to live sets by injecting a burst of energy. This track is a great reminder of the importance of creating a unique yet energy-fueled track.

9. Zonderling & Don Diablo – No Good

Another future house anthem, this track’s zipping synths ensured that it remained memorable throughout 2018. The track provided something brand new to listeners, exploring the vast possibilities in house music production. The combination of Zonderling and Don Diablo’s production capabilities allowed the artists to engineer an unforgivable hit.

10. Illyus & Barrientos – So Serious

This addictive tech house hit comes as no surprise at number ten. Released on leading label Toolroom, the track’s addictive vocal made it incredibly memorable for listeners. If anything, the repetitive nature of the track is what made it such a hit. The track unleashes an abundance of energy, so it is unsurprising that so many artists chose to feature it in their live sets during 2018.

By looking at the top 10 most featured tracks, it is clear just how important it is to create a track that stands out from the crowd. The key is to provide something memorable, and create trends rather than follow them. By creating an unforgettable rhythm and vocal, you set yourself on the best path for producing a track with potential.

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