Using influencer advertising to drive sales on your merchandise

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Over the past few years, influencer advertising has become a lot more prominent within the modern economy. With more and more brands working on campaigns with social media influencers, it is widely recognized that this form of promotion can massively drive traffic and sales towards a product. Therefore in this article, we’re going to discuss how to use social media influencers to drive traffic towards your music or merchandise.
Several years ago, companies would have needed to pay thousands of dollars for a television ad or a billboard in the hope that the right demographic would be paying attention to the content. However, with social media consumption at an all-time high, it’s a case of paying an influencer within their niche to showcase a particular product to their audience. With a simple tag of the brand, and a purchase link, this method provides a brilliant opportunity to drive sales.

Using a trusted source

One of the best advantages of working in collaboration with influencers is that the audience is able to receive a review of your product/song from a trusted source. Often known as celebrity endorsement, a member of the public seeing/reading a review from an influencer they trust is much more compelling than seeing a review from someone that they’ve never heard of. For example, a headphone company (such as Pioneer) may ask the likes of R3HAB to promote their products – as R3HAB is an established DJ within the electronic music scene.

Reaching new audiences

Also, influencer advertising allows you to get exposure to a totally new audience. With an increasing trend of audiences moving towards multiple niches, it’s important that using influencers within multiple niches can help you to expand your brand. Therefore, people within the dance music industry should consider working with influencers across a variety of genres, e.g. models, meme accounts etc. Essentially, you want to target people that your initial target demographic would also be paying attention to.

Long-term partnerships

As well as one-time shoutouts, a lot of influencers are creating long-term partnerships with brands within the social media industry so that the deal is mutually beneficial for both parties over a sustained period of time. For example, you could pay a model to take photos of themselves listening to your music several times a month. As a music brand, you would receive regular shoutouts – thus growing your audience & sales, and they would receive financial compensation for their work. It is generally recommended that you include your purchase link in the bio of your instagram profile so that incoming traffic has easy access to it – therefore increasing conversions.

Using incentives to generate more sales

In addition to the initial product advertised by the influencer, a music brand could easily use a “related products” section to increase revenue from each sale. For example, a music producer may have the influencer advertise t-shirt merchandise. However, they could upsell the consumer by also suggesting another piece of merchandise before the checkout process. Additionally, you could offer an exclusive limited-time offer for the audience of your influencer such as a 20% discount. This type of deal often sees more sales conversions due to people finding it difficult to resist an exclusive offer.
In conclusion, there are many ways that you can use influencer marketing to drive traffic towards your product(s) within the music industry. By developing strong relationships with influencers within your niche, you will easily be able to grow your brand, and thus your sales.