Why is Tumblr promotion so important?

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When you think of Tumblr, you think of a popular social media platform where a global audience appreciates unique content from creators of all sorts. Tumblr is known as a hub for “original content” and has grown to over 230 million active users. Knowing a few beneficial factors of Tumblr, how can you use it to your advantage and promote well on it?

Why Tumblr?

Easily being able to blog on Tumblr is one of the attributes that draws such a variety of an audience to the platform. You can, of course, utilize other social media platforms, however, the type of crowd that you can find on Tumblr can open a gate to adding more variety to your audience. To make it easier for entertainers, Tumblr allows you to attach your content from SoundCloud or BandCamp onto your page to maximize your streams. Being able to embed the SoundCloud player on Tumblr not only allows people to hear new content at just the click of a button but also gives them an option to share and reblog the content to their followers and more. Tumblr plays different roles than Instagram, Twitter, and others by allowing your content to be more visible and lengthier with the blogging options available to users. For example, Canadian artist Grimes, gained a lot of popularity through Tumblr by teasing new music, creating a relationship with her audience by blogging about her life, her thoughts, showing behind the scenes footage, and the list goes on. Exploring more with the Tumblr audience allowed her to grow and build a strong bond with her audience while sharing content.

Blog and grow

Recognizing that Tumblr has the potential to grow your career even more, what impressionable factors can you add to your blog? Creating a blog is simple, simply sign up with an ideal username to represent yourself and make your mark. Choose a theme, put in a quick description of your brand and yourself, update pictures, titles, and you’re ready to start a post! On Tumblr, the first question that would come to mind is how can you attract a crowd other than sharing content? Hashtags are quite important on Tumblr because of how new users can find you easily and with over 38,000 posts being uploaded per minute, it’d be nice to reach your target audience in a more efficient way. Luckily, Tumblr allows you to include a total of 30 hashtags, which is more than enough to cover what you need as an artist. Planetary Group sums up a list of hashtags including #electronic, #dance, #musician, #music, #musicvideo and more that can get you right on the screens of your growing audience. Just checking out the page for “#musicvideo”, you can see how there’s a variety of music videos posted by fans. Remaining consistent with posting on Tumblr is key to raising the bar with your audience each day. To make it easier, Tumblr even offers you the option to queue your posts over a span of time to continue being a growing, active figure on there.

Promoting videos

Music videos are easily attachable to your Tumblr blogs and can be seen a lot more as the video is just a click away from playing! Of course, when blogging out a video, the cover image will intrigue your audience, but a lot of times, you could be lacking a key element that will ensure people check out your video. Due to how Tumblr lets you blog, you can insert certain frequently used keywords to increase the search engine optimization, SEO, or to maximize the number of viewers for your videos. Also having the autoplay option on videos, it helps to further interact with a crowd that may not be as engaging.

A simple mix of you hashtagging into a new crowd and your audience reblogging to a new dashboard is what can propel your content to the eyes of a larger crowd day by day. Tumblr has already shown itself as a powerful social media platform that appreciates original content as it has birthed and become a home to many well-known artists such as Grimes. Realizing how vital a simple blog post can be in shifting your career, you should have no problem in making Tumblr your home as well following these tips.