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Why social media behaviour will make – or break – your career

When it comes to social media behavior, the way a DJ/producer presents their persona to the public is one of the key ingredients in a long and successful career. Whilst many DJs tend to keep clear of controversy on social platforms, others thrive on it. But thriving – and coming across as a lively, humorous character – is a delicate tightrope to walk, and sometimes you’re only one bad tweet away from a potential career crash. Whilst some producers, like ‘Walking with Elephants’ producer, Ten Walls, have seen their careers stutter (the Lithuanian famously launched a homophobic rant in 2015), other have boosted their profile hugely by clever online behavior. Max Vangeli Vs Diplo An ideal place to start when discussing such a topic is the well publicised recent spat between Major Lazer star, Diplo, and Max Vangeli – best known for his huge progressive anthem ‘People of the Night.’ The Moldovan producer launched a stunning tirade at the former Jack Ü member and continued to broadcast a flurry of expletive-filled rants over the course of a number of consecutive days. By the time Zedd got involved, Max and Zedd both teamed up on Diplo, accusing the American of a range of indecencies, including ghost production, and not caring about his fans or fellow producers. Diplo responded by claiming that Zedd […]

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