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When we speak to young producers they often tell us: “I need a logo.”

But why do you need a logo? Of course, it looks cool, but having a logo doesn’t make you an outstanding artist. Logos are pictures, but a good logo is a part of the big picture. In this article, we’ll dive into your entire visual identity. A logo is just as important as the selfies from your studio or the stories on your Facebook page.

Your looks will give outsiders some insight into your personality. It’s in all the content you post. From your official press photos to your selfies, and from the artwork of your releases to the colour-grading of your videos. From the header on your Soundcloud to the artwork accompanying your tweets. Read here about how your press photo can make or break your career.

If your identity is below average, your records will suffer… but if your identity is uber-cool, your tracks will succeed.

You can influence the way people listen to your music by the visual content you release. Branding can turn a mediocre track into a big hit. Poor branding can make the best tracks turn into flops. Your visuals can convince people to start following you. Read this article to get inspired about how to improve your visuals, and if you need a logo check our logo design service.

Artists depend on social media in order to get in touch with followers. Social media outlets each have their own layout, so your content will vary for each platform. To make your identity and brand more efficient, you will need a website that showcases you and your personality. Read our article on why you should have your own website.

Our phones, our cameras: our key to the world. Some have a very good camera in their phone, others still rock the 8 megapixel way. It’s up to you, but here are 3 mobile apps to improve the quality of your visual content.

We have articles, services, and templates. In order to get your visual identity on point, your personal brand book is the key to creating your visual identity. When you complete that, download the my personal storyline template. It will make you the best marketer you can be for yourself.

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