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Want to know what your strong points and key values are or should be? Want to know how to position yourself in the worldwide market and connect with your followers? Let our marketing experts guide you the way!

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How to successfully network your way to success

One of the key components to succeeding as a producer these days is your ability to network.

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The rise of techno: should we still call it the underground of the music industry?

What started out as essentially an extremely intimate genre in the USA has now risen above the ground.

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How to get more engagement on your Instagram stories

By creating interesting and engaging content, it helps strengthen the relationship between you and your audience.

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Hot or Not?

Did you reach your goals for 2018?

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Moon Jelly is the global ad-agency for the music industry. Say goodbye to endless website browsing for the right info. Say hi to rocking your own marketing with us.

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