About Moon Jelly

A carefully thought-out marketing strategy is unmissable in today’s digital world. Simply creating good music isn’t good enough anymore. To provide artists with guidance through today’s musical climate, we created Moon Jelly. With the combined knowledge of more than 80 industry experts, Moon Jelly is able to create the perfect marketing strategy suited to your needs as an artist. By scanning your social media platforms and creating digital roadmaps we are able to take your online presence to the next level. We’ll help you create a strong brand that will communicate exactly who you are as an artist and what message you’d like to share with the world by making tailor-made brand strategies, managing your campaigns, and one on one personal coaching. Besides our agency, we created an online hub for DJ’s and artists where we’ve gathered everything you need to know to rock your own marketing. We turned the collective knowledge of our experts into very useful articles, videos, templates, webinars, and so much more. Check out our contact info below and let us help you take over the world!

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