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About Moon Jelly

Releasing good music isn’t enough anymore. If you want to stand out in today’s digital world, you need to have a carefully thought-out marketing strategy. The biggest stars in the game have access to the expertise of their own marketing team, but for all the others, the marketing and branding know-how’s are scattered all over the place. That’s why we’ve created Moon Jelly, an online hub for DJs and artists where we’ve gathered everything you need to rock your own marketing. We are located in New York, Amsterdam and Seoul, and have turned the knowledge and expertise of more than 80 industry experts into awesome articles, videos, templates, webinars, and so much more.

Remko de Jong


Founder and CSO Remko is a real advertising veteran who worked for many (inter)national ad agencies and brands in Europe, Asia and the US. Specialized in branded entertainment, he surely knows the drill. Especially after touring the globe as a marketing director for the likes of Nicky Romero and Protocol Recordings in past few years. Besides having way too many air miles, he knows a thing or two about great dance music too.


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Chris Bauduin


Co-founder and COO Chris has more than ten years of experience in the advertising industry, where he worked for different creative agencies in Amsterdam. Through his passion for house music, Chris also ran his own club nights, and later became a club owner in the Dutch capital. Chris and Remko used to work together at an ad agency and realized they both shared a love for dance music. A few years forward, they felt their branding and marketing knowhow and skills should be available to all aspiring artists – and that’s when Moon Jelly was born.


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Jens van de Meulenhof

Head of Sales & Analytics

Being a long time dance music fanatic, it was a no-brainer for Jens to pick the music industry as his work field. He started as an editor and translator for VICE, and worked for music channel XITE as the marketing and sales data analyst, before becoming Moon Jelly’s sales guru. Besides Jens’ love for getting musicians to join Moon Jelly, he’s also a music gearhead and tech-fan, so it’s quite obvious why he’s our go-to guy for everything data driven and analytical.


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Melvin van der Waal

Head of Marketing & Creative

Melvin is that friendly guy you encounter on every festival and in every mosh pit, especially when the music is drop-heavy and bass driven. His interest in music led him to DJ Mag, where he focused on their online marketing and interviewed lots of artists and producers. As his interest for record labels grew, Melvin switched to Armada Music to work as one of their marketing and social media specialists. We’re lucky to now have him on board as our very own marketing mastermind and creative lad.


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Branka Maksimovic

Content Coordinator

As a huge dance music lover, it was really a match made in heaven when Branka decided to mix business and pleasure and join the dance music industry. Having started out in artist relations at festivals, her journey continued to the world of journalism at one of the biggest dance music platforms – We Rave You. She then moved onto an interview and coordinator role before settling in the marketing manager position handling media agreements with the biggest dance music labels and festivals worldwide. Her comprehensive knowledge of so many aspects of the music industry made her the perfect Content Coordinator for Moon Jelly.


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