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We know that a musician’s life can be pretty busy. That’s why our experts are happy to help you with the marketing side of your artist profile and save you a lot of time. Do you want a customized Facebook strategy, a full x-ray scan of your online outlets, or a storyline for your Instagram page? We offer everything from custom logo designs to campaign creation, and from boosting your socials to building personal digital roadmaps. Full-service creativity, for you.

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Brand Building

Our creative branding team designs and creates logos, press releases, and newsletters that increase interaction with your fans and fit seamlessly with your artist profile. We will make sure your brand is unique and stands out above the crowd.

✔ Artist biographies

✔ Press releases

✔ Newsletters

✔ Logo designs

✔ Brand book

Media Strategy

Let our strategy team turn your artist profile into a super strong brand that really reaches fans and lets fans reach you. We help you develop smart strategies with media storylines that your fans will love. Whether you want to push your track release on Spotify, gain followers in Tokyo, or become a social influencer on Instagram, we know advertising in the digital age.

✔ Social media x-rays

✔ Personalized social media storylines

✔ Digital roadmaps

Artist Consultancy

Our consultancy team helps artists and musicians achieve their goals and accelerate their business. We like to use our knowledge to advise you on your media planning and guide you towards your goals. We know how to make your brand dominate the world.

✔ Personal 1-on-1 coaching

✔ Quick customer support


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