Course Description:

Being an artist is about more than releasing good music. You have to build a brand, rock your social media, and do many more things to make a name for yourself. As it’s quite overwhelming when you just start out, we created our Music Marketing 101 course. In this course you’ll learn all the essentials to marketing your musical brand. In four weeks we’ll teach you all about the essentials to branding, social media, and networking. What is branding, and what does a brand consist of? You’ll learn how to optimize your socials, how to create and manage content, and how to engage with your followers. Of course it’s important to market yourself in the real world too, so we’ll explain exactly why networking is so important, how to explore your inner circle, and we’ll show you where to expand your network.

What’s included:

  • 3 chapters  (10 minutes each)
  • Q&A Video
  • Access on tablet and phone