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An essential guide to surviving and thriving at Amsterdam Dance Event

We all know it’s just around the corner, five heavenly days, Amsterdam, the home of dance music, the epicentre of the largest festival and business conference on planet earth. From humble beginnings, ADE has evolved to become the most important meeting of dance music minds in the world. Five days of musical magnificence in Amsterdam, one of the greatest cities in the world. Attending ADE is one thing but managing to take in the day events, night events and surviving is another matter completely. What could be worse than wrecking a year’s worth of planning by going full throttle on night one and being exhausted in your hotel room for the next two days? Here is an essential guide to surviving and thriving at ADE. Pack for the weather Amsterdam is cold at the tail end of October and you can expect weather more in the region of cold, wind, and rain. Believe us though, Amsterdam in winter is just as magnificent. During the day you can expect temperatures peaking at around 14 degrees, or as low as 7. The best you can hope for is bright but chilly, (still perfect for sunglasses though). Day talks are as important as night events Make the most of your time at ADE. If you’re visiting for business make sure the parties don’t […]

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