An essential guide to surviving and thriving at Amsterdam Dance Event

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We all know it’s just around the corner, five heavenly days, Amsterdam, the home of dance music, the epicentre of the largest festival and business conference on planet earth. From humble beginnings, ADE has evolved to become the most important meeting of dance music minds in the world. Five days of musical magnificence in Amsterdam, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Attending ADE is one thing but managing to take in the day events, night events and surviving is another matter completely. What could be worse than wrecking a year’s worth of planning by going full throttle on night one and being exhausted in your hotel room for the next two days? Here is an essential guide to surviving and thriving at ADE.

Pack for the weather

Amsterdam is cold at the tail end of October and you can expect weather more in the region of cold, wind, and rain. Believe us though, Amsterdam in winter is just as magnificent. During the day you can expect temperatures peaking at around 14 degrees, or as low as 7. The best you can hope for is bright but chilly, (still perfect for sunglasses though).

Day talks are as important as night events

Make the most of your time at ADE. If you’re visiting for business make sure the parties don’t hinder your attempts at business. If you are looking to develop a career in the industry, first impressions are king. Avoid scheduling conflicts, if you’re collapsing into bed at 9 am after a 7-hour techno session, you’re probably going to struggle to be fresh for an 11 am seminar on business practice. Scheduling is key, pick your nights and pick your days and prioritize your time.

Accommodate for accommodation

Amsterdam is going to be buzzing during ADE. According to the official website, 395,000 people attended in 2017, and this year organisers are expecting more than 400,000 people in attendance. With an increase in conferences and an increase in events, Amsterdam will be bursting at the seams and has a finite number of hotels and rooms available. So book your accommodation in advance, plan ahead. No one wants to spend five days, moving from hotel to hotel with luggage in tow.

Respect the local population

Remember, although you’re there to enjoy ADE and the experience of a lifetime, the majority of the locals live their life in Amsterdam. They will frown upon tourists staggering about the street unable to locate where their hotel is. The last thing you would want on your way to work at 6 am is a visitor harassing you, inebriated and unable to ask for directions.

Manners cost nothing

The best way to experience ADE is with a smile on your face. Amsterdam is a wonderful place to visit, and ADE only adds to the festival experience. Chat to the locals, mingle amongst both residents and fellow ADE attendees, tip in restaurants, bring your best self to ADE, and make sure that by the time you leave, everyone you’ve met smiles when you become their passing thought. This rule applies double if you happen to be attending ADE on your own. A positive attitude will take you to places you’ve never been, a negative attitude will lead you to nowhere. Life is short, ADE is shorter, embrace the unexpected.

Be social on social media

ADE is a living breathing entity, with 2,500 artists performing during the five days, across 140 of Amsterdam’s greatest and most unique venues. Staying on top of breaking ADE news is essential to ensure your experience of both the conference and festival is not impeded. Social media is the perfect way of keeping your finger on the ADE pulse. Sharing your tips, discoveries and obviously snapshots of you looking super cool is the only way to make the most of your time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. How else are you going to make your friends, family and colleagues jealous of the outrageously great time you’re having at ADE?

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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Preparing your itinerary for ADE cannot be understated, with so many options available across the five days, trying to remember everything you plan to do could become a nightmare. Luckily the ADE website provides you with every piece of information you’ll need. Offering times, dates, venues, and a map, planning ahead of time makes perfect sense.

There’s no such thing as go hard or go home

Even if your plans revolve solely around ADE’s five-day festival experience, there’s no need to push your body to the limit every night. Amsterdam Dance Event doesn’t necessarily have to be an endurance exercise. Drink water, take breaks, generally chill out, and your body will thank you.

Stick to your budget

If you’re hitting ADE with a budget, stick to that budget. Perhaps break your finances down into a daily spend. Think about taxis, pre-purchase your tickets for public transport, consider going full tourist and hiring a bike for the length of time you’re at ADE. Trams and abundant bikes are the easiest and cheapest way to navigate between venues.

Have fun and make the most of your experience

While in Amsterdam, make the most of your experience. With so much to offer culturally, certainly take the time to take in your surroundings, the artwork, museums, the food, and obviously the music. ADE will change your outlook. Embrace the change.