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“I don’t know the right people in the industry…” That’s a complaint we’ve heard many times.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not be worried:

– everyone is connected to someone you already know (only-one-handshake-away)
– everyone you need is on social media, so you can get in touch
– we have a network too, we can loop you in

Join Moon Jelly now to learn how to find the right people, how to get noticed by them, how to contact them and how to build a professional relationship with them. They need you just as much as you need them.

Tip 1: get your act together
Before you follow or connect with industry people, make sure your own profile is “in perfect shape”. When they get notified of you commenting on or liking their posts, they probably will check out your profile, and we’re not only talking about Instagram. Your Soundcloud, your LinkedIn, your Spotify: get your act together. That first impression: make it count.

Join us to use our marketing templates:
– Scan your own social media behaviour
How to get noticed by labels

Tip 2: scan other people’s followers
This is something you can do anywhere, it’s that easy!

In order to find the right people, we recommend browsing Instagram. For instance, look for small and independent labels. For example, Low Steppa has his own label, Bakermat has his own label, Dannic has his own label: now who is following this label, and who is this label following? Click those profiles one by one and see who they are. You can easily spot A&R managers from other labels and agencies this way.

Now think cross-media wise: check out these names on LinkedIn and all other socials you use. It’s fun to play the undercover agent this way, and you’ll learn more and more about the music industry.

Tip 3: Twitter followers quick check
For example, let’s take Defected Records. Who are they following on Twitter? Probably a lot of DJs and producers, but don’t you think that Defected also follows it’s own staff? There you go. Found them! A&R managers are the ones you need. Check out these names, connect with them. Like their tweets, check them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and all other socials you’re on.

Tip 4: investigate Facebook photos
Once you have found the names of some A&Rs, you can look them up on Facebook. Many of them don’t have their Facebook set to ‘private’ so you can go through their photos and see who they are hanging out with. Remember, this is not to sneak into their private lives, it’s to try and connect with an entire industry! Perhaps you see them posing with an award. If this is the case, there are often more people in the photo: who are these folks? Click it, find out and get to know what the music industry lifestyle is all about.

Tip 5: reach out, but don’t annoy them
Now you know names that you can follow, but that doesn’t mean you can just call them up. It starts by simply following them and getting to know the music industry lifestyle. In order to get a reaction from them, you have to be interesting. The best way to get noticed is by being outstanding. Use our brand book template to become noticeable. Once they see value in you, they’ll start to value your music more, and that’s when you are on the same level as them. You don’t want your career to depend on their opinion, their career depends on your quality.

Tip 6: Kindness
Be polite, be humble and be real to them. It’s most important to use kindness in this industry! This article shows you why and how.


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