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When you’re a musician, you tend to look at the world from a musician’s point of view. Things that are common sense to you may sound completely strange to others. Keep in mind, 90% of your followers don’t make music, don’t know how to produce beats, don’t play keys or control a crowd with the decks.

Before you read further: today’s most important platform (Instagram of course) is on your phone. But is your profile 100% optimized?

Many people on social media are consistently online and feeling bored. They might be scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… until they see something that catches their attention. You.

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Your followers want to be entertained. They need to know more about you than the basics. Hell, they might not even be interested in how you produced a track. Too many folks find music production tech talks boring, but what actually moves them is the emotion or energy from your final product: your song. Your song is one thing, your online content is the rest. Together it’s all about entertaining your followers.

Our famous brand book template is the starting point for everything. It narrows everything down to the core of your identity and what you stand for. Having that translated to a logo could be your next step, but what does your logo say about you?

Your brand is more than a logo and a plan, it says something about you. The more it informs people about who you are, the more tools you provide them with to either love you or hate you. Our advice is: you can’t please them all. Pick a side, stay true to yourself and showcase your vision. No one becomes great by being regular. Stand out and read how to get the most out of your social media. Perhaps you would like more personal help. Our marketing template how do I express myself as an artist is the tool to gain focus in all of your activities.

Whether you like Armin van Buuren or not, the story of his fans (his ‘army’) is very inspiring to read. As one of the biggest DJs on the planet, he has really proven the benefits of fan-loyalty.

We know, musicians are sensitive people, that’s okay. Don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged by all these success stories, here’s a must-read on how to overcome the doubt and fear of failure as an artist.

Now, go and entertain your followers with your music and many other things. Go and inspire them and become part of their lives. Instead of having to offer them your music, they’ll soon be eagerly awaiting your next release.


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