Best Spotify curators you can submit your music to for free

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While Spotify isn’t the highest-paying platform, it’s undoubtedly one of the most in-demand streaming platforms amongst consumers and artists alike, demanding a significant amount of market share in the music streaming market. Its simple navigational features, playlists and radio features, make finding all your favourite music in one place incredibly easy.

Some artists prefer to be self-released and independent companies such as CDBaby and TuneCore will upload your music for you for a certain fee. Releasing a single can be as cheap as €4.4 per track – meaning your song will only need to reach approximately 1,800 streams to break even. Despite the sheer easiness of uploading music to Spotify, promoting it is a different story. Luckily, the following list will give you a number of free options to help you get your latest track out there.


Although each curator caters to a vast range of sounds and genres, each will have their own sound. Arguably the largest free Spotify curator on the net, Indiemono predominantly targets downtempo/acoustic/chillout music, with their largest playlist; ‘Sad Songs’, boasting more than 373,000 followers. Submission link:


Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team, ranging from genres such as house and disco, to downtempo and experimental. Their largest playlist, ‘FRESH BEATS | Instrumental hip-hop / TripHop / Electronica / Beats’, has more than 5,300 followers. Submission link:


Unlike the aforementioned curators, Spingrey consists of a more modest range of music. Sitting on the alternative side of the spectrum, Spingrey appeals to genres such as Indie Rock and Hip-Hop. Their largest playlist, ‘Sunday’ has 22,000 followers. An impressive feat, considering the profile itself only consists of 5,500 followers. Submission link:

Simon Field

Norwegian DJ/Producer Simon Field is sporting a spectacular following. Having garnered support from the likes of Tiësto and Sam Feldt, Field also has more than 186,000 monthly listeners. His most popular playlist; ‘Ibiza Deep House’, holds a follower count of nearly 24,000. Submission link:

Deep Root Records (Formerly Tropikult)

Despite offering just 4 public playlists, their range is quality and appeals to the less mainstream side of EDM, ie. tropical house, deep, house and trap. Their largest playlist, ‘Deep In The Tropics’, has just over 4,500 followers and features music from Sam Feldt, EDX and Tom Budin. Submission link:

Daily Playlists

Featuring a vast number of playlists you can submit to, Daily Playlists cater for all listeners of all styles and tastes, including EDM, pop, indie, rock and hip-hop. Their two largest playlists, ‘EDM Daily’ and Hip Hop Daily’ each boast approximately 1,500 followers. Submission link:

Soave Records (formerly Selected Sounds)

Appealing to the lighter side of EDM, Soave Records features an abundance of Tropical House, Chillout, Deep House and more. Their largest playlist, ‘Sunny Chills’ sports almost 9,600 followers and features music from Kygo, Lost Frequencies and Felix Jaehn. Submission link:


One of the larger playlist curators, Songpickr boasts a strong following of more than 35,000 listeners. They aim to share “warm, organic, vintage sound in today’s music” by predominantly sharing Americana, Folk, Soul and Alt Country music. Submission link:

While each of these Spotify curators will feature your music in their playlists for free, this does not mean they compromise on quality. It is imperative that you do your research and find the profiles and playlists that suit your sound, for the best chance at gaining ample exposure.