DJ do’s: what to do as an aspiring DJ

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If you want to be treated like a professional, act like one. Those who work hard enough to find success in this industry understand the sacrifices that have to be made at times, but continue due to love for the music. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that working in the music industry is still a job. With the level of talented artists in the market today, it’s important to remember to conduct yourself in a respectful and professional manner. Without these traits, you’ll find yourself alone, fighting an uphill battle. As with any industry, there are certain guidelines and tips you can follow in order to promote yourself in a positive and efficient way, without looking like an amateur. Honesty, gratitude, and producing well thought out content are a few of the immediate thoughts that come to mind. Keeping these things in mind, we can apply a more direct approach to some key parts of the job of being a DJ. Take a look at the items to consider below when moving forward with your marketing strategy or general career moves.

Communicate efficiently

Communication is a critical part of this career. Whether you are talking with fans or sending promotional material to record labels, you need to remember to be personable to your audience. They’ll appreciate you more, just as you should truly appreciate them. When it comes to sending a promotional email, or any communication, make sure to personalize your message to each recipient. It may not seem like a big deal to CC everyone on one email to save time, but it’s interpreted as laziness and unprofessionalism. The people you are sending emails to typically get hundreds of messages a day, and may only pick a select few, so creating a catchy subject line will also be very beneficial. Avoid silly grammar errors and typos by using spellcheck or having a friend proofread your message. Just make sure to take your time and read through your correspondence before sending.

Be honest

Many artists focus on posting their best moments on their social media, such as that classic snapshot taken from behind the CDJs of the festival crowd. While it’s important and fun to show off these amazing moments, it’s just as important to show what happens behind the scenes. Most of us aren’t performing daily shows to sold-out crowds at major music festivals or world tours yet. Show your fans the long nights and hard work you put in on a daily basis to do the things you love. Your audience will respect your dedication, building a stronger relationship between you and them.

Timely marketing strategy

Some type of strategic planning drives most successful careers. Constantly posting about the big things that are coming soon, without an actual plan on what those actual big things are, can lead to a confused and bored audience. It may seem constricting to have a plan at times, but it’s actually a key factor in creating and sustaining success for the long haul. It’s perfectly normal to be excited about certain milestones in your career, like landing that festival gig or releasing your debut album. By taking the time to create a well-timed and thorough release strategy for these events, you’ll build healthy engagement and keep fans happy. Don’t hesitate to try different strategies over time.

Post quality content

When you analyze your favorite artist’s social media content, music and press photos, they always look professional. The pictures or videos are clear and taken using high-quality equipment. The editing is always smooth and never overbearing. They all understand the importance of providing their audience with the best quality content they can. Regardless of what stage you have reached in your career, you should be following this advice. For new fans, first impressions dictate the future relationship they’ll have with you. For long-term fans, continuing to post high-quality content reminds them why they followed you to begin with. Spend some time creating extra content every so often in case something you’re doing doesn’t work out, you can fall back on a strong alternative rather than a bad one or none at all.

Acting like a professional doesn’t have to be a big deal or overwhelmingly difficult, however, it is necessary to find sustainable success. By using these tips you’ll be presented with more opportunities throughout your career. The path you’re on is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time and be patient for results. Cutting corners and boasting a fake persona may find you some short-term success, but ultimately consumers will see through it. Commit to your strategy and trust the process that you build.